Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big News!

So you may have noticed my last couple blog post have been a little dull….

This might make up for it

Just a little picture of our kids saying “Hi.”

Baby #3 is on the way!


We are super excited.
We are sharing the news really early.
I’m ok with the risk of that.
We are due beginning of July. (Likely right between the girls’ birthdays.)
I’m almost done being in denial.
Blake’s thrilled.
And the girls are ecstatic!

I have been working on the house a bit since we found out. So I’ll fill you in on the progress soon.
But it’s of course been a bit more challenging as of late to do the work.
Thus far in regards to my three pregnancies, before I’m actually pregnant I always tell myself, “Oh you’ve got this, it will be a piece of cake.”
And then every time I get shocked. Piece of cake is not at all accurate. "Lots of work" is the sentence I should have been feeding myself ahead of time.

I’m feeling decent.
I had one day there right in the middle of week 4 (after I took a test saying Positive) I thought morning sickness was kicking in, and it was HORRIFIC. I had a night of nonstop throwing up. And I was really really scared. I thought “If this is the next three months I will not survive. I will end up in the hospital but even they can’t save me.” Turns out it was all over by morning. Food poisoning? Fast Flu? I don’t know. But I am so, so, so glad it was a short thing and not actually my morning sickness.

I’ve had regular old queazy-morning-sickness without throwing up for about a week now. I’ve been smelling EVERYTHING (like I can smell olives through glass jars) since this baby showed up, long before I could take the test. And I generally feel more tired and wimpy for a couple weeks now. I also feel really bloated. I guess that’s baby number 3 for ya -- pop the belly out right away.
Outside that I feel good.
I’m really excited that I feel emotionally stable in regards to the pregnancy and birth. Last time I was three seconds from checking myself into the looney bin through the whole ordeal because I was so worked up over the birth outcome. This time I feel really calm. I’ve been through an induction-turned-c-section and a VBAC, no meds, at home. I feel like I can walk right up to birth and take it however it comes this time without fears. I’m so so so grateful for that peace of mind. I do need to make sure I find a provider I am comfortable with this time to help me keep that peace of mind. But God provided before, so I’m gonna rest in knowing He’s in control. 

So that’s our big news!!


  1. Congrats! I wrote a long comment, but it somehow got erased or didn't go through- anyway, the gist of it was that I am waaaaaay behind on reading (here and everywhere), but it's great to start catching up with this news. I'm so happy for you and your family!

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