Hi. I’m Lydia.
I’m a lover of beauty. And a pursuer of the sweet spot where form and function are living in perfect symbiosis. And I happen to like to accomplish it all in ways that save me the most money.

In November of 2013 my husband, Blake, and I closed on our current home. It’s a 1960’s colonial that had seen much better days. The last residents allowed their pets to ruin it (it smelled awful), and the years had left a lot of wallpaper and random colors on the walls. It had a small amount of structural issues (leaky roof on an addition, a different addition needing some help with rain water sneaking in under a door)  but it was mostly cosmetic in nature. And despite many-a-person coming to see our new home, and making comments about it’s current unattractiveness, it was my dream come true. It really is a great house, in a great spot. And I’m very happy to bring it back to beautiful condition.

I’ve spent my time since buying this house, self-educating on all things interior design. (And a bit of exterior as well.) It’s always been an interest and a comfort to me. But it’s since become a passion.

We moved from a small 700 sq foot place to our current 2,700 ft place. So I’ve been furnishing all this additional space with mainly with second hand treasures. And I continue to tweak it all as I go. (I think I’m on round three or four with kitchen table and chairs.) I am a devoted craigslist hunter. I’m infatuated with thrift stores. And I am enchanted by salvage places.
I love to create, change, upcycle, sew, paint, craft, design…. all that good stuff. And my husband is amazing and will saddle right up beside me and help us create some pretty amazing projects for our home.

We live here with our three children. Here on the blog we call them Jasmine (born 2010), Ruby (2012), and Bronson (2015.)

I’ve had some compelling pregnancy and birth experiences which have made me very interested in the subject matter. So at times the blog has reflected that. That’s not my focus currently, but I do currently enjoy sharing things I’ve gleaned, or being a listening ear to other moms who reach out to me. (I like to respect everyone’s journey into, and inside of, motherhood and know my experiences need not be yours. But I enjoy the connections to be found both in similarities and differences.)

Our family deals with food allergies. And we are currently homeschooling. So that stuff get’s thrown into the blog mix at times. But it’s also not my focus in writing material.

Up until 2016 the blog was kind of an uncurated journal kind of vacillating between home design and pregnancy.  I think I want to focus down mainly on decor now. (We’ll see. I can be fickle.) I’m attempting to bring a bit more of my full self to it now. Photography used to be one of my life loves. (I did wedding photography for a while before becoming a mom.) And so I hope to marry all my interests and form a more lovely blog. (We’ll see. Life gets hectic.)

But I’m still trying to find my sea legs. In January 2016 my thirty year old brother (my only sibling, two years my junior) died. Nothing has ever shifted so much inside me at once. I’m still walking all that out. So I’ve been very hesitant to blog. I don’t want to pull away too much, but I want to respect my need for some private space to heal. And finding a balance is feeling --- well like there is no such thing as balance on this. So I’m just trying to give myself the grace to figure out who I want to be.

But I know the things written down here on this page -- they are definitely part of who I am.
If you feel like hanging out with me, you might get to see where I land.

If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached at: 
However do please be patient with me, as I am still rather disheveled and rather awful in response time to everything.

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