Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mom Hair: New House Addition

Ok to break up the monotony of house working blog posts, I thought I’d throw this in.

Actually I was inspired by a reader who sent me a nice little message. ;)
We were talking mom hair and I realized I have one more new trick up my sleeve.

Talk about mom hair…add in house remodeling to the equation = MESSY me. So I started doing this a bit after we moved in here. It helps me feel a little bit better when I walk by the mirror.

Just a simple sheer silky scarf, tied around my classic bun-blob as a headband. But it’s a really nice pop of color that hides any unwashed fizzy mess. This is also perfect for post-partum regrowth shorties. (Mine have since grown out…so yes, ladies, there is hope! It does keep growing, it will fade into the rest of your hair.)

*For me the trick is to let it cover the tops of my ears, and some of my forehead -- it makes it more boho.

It would look good over hair left down too. I just really like mine up during the day. (Less to pull on, or ask to be brushed by a three year old.) And I don’t feel like I can pull the look off with my hair down.

Let’s be real, this actually is my indoors-don’t-plan-to-go-anywhere, just-want-to-feel-a-little-like-I-try trick, so the mirror doesn’t laugh at me. I don’t really hope to wow the world with this.
I wore it out to Target the other day with my girls in tow, and I actually got the women-passing-by-love-hate glare from a 20 something sharing the isle with us. You know the one I’m talking about, “I like that look so much I’m mad at you for wearing it. How dare you assume you are so cool? I wish I was workin it that hard.
It gave me a laugh -- I was just trying not to look like a hot mess (you should have seen the rats’ nest the scarf was hiding), but apparently it went over better than expected. I got girl envy status out of it. (Just FYI, I actually don’t enjoy girl envy…makes me uncomfortable...but I thought I’d share because it kinda proves the look is worth while.)

Another just FYI:  I put on make up for the photos -- because it’s the internet. (I actually had some haters on Pintrest on one of my pin-photos -- telling me to fix my eyebrows. Actually on a pin of the post where I made this scarfNot gonna lie, it hurt my feelings. But also not gonna lie….I know it couldn’t have been moms who wrote that -- mom’s know just making the scarf and taking a photo of it when you have a 10 month old and a two year old is an pretty great accomplishment -- we don’t ask for eyebrows too. I also was very aware of my eyebrow situation, and they were right -- they needed help, but it wasn’t on my to do list at the time. And well, I’m not blogging to impress people, I like to try and help people with my ideas. Oh well. All that to say…. I put make up on for the picture, but real life often lacks makeup. I DO NOT look this pulled together, often.)

Like I said, I made this scarf -- its easy, if you can sew you can make one too. {See here for info.} But it’s long, so I tie it around twice. I start it at the base of my head, and go around twice and tie it to the side.

I also occasionally use this little short scarf (thrifted) , when I need a little leopard in my life. This one is the kind that is a square when unfolded

Forgive the bathroom, and the I-tried-to-blur-them-out-so-hard-with-photo-color-editing SEASHELL wallpaper of my bathroom. We are in the middle of remodeling our 1960’s colonial, that got a little too much love in approximately 1981. (If you are a DIY-lover, stick around to watch us toil! :) )

Also, forgive the selfies -- I hate taking them for the blog -- I never know what kind of faces to make or anything. I feel like a poser. Hopefully the internet will be kinder to me this go around. If not -- oh well. I’m just a momma tryin to make it through the days of young ones. If you’ve been there, you know.
Maybe a scarf will cheer you up?

If you aren’t feelin the scarf,  never doubt the power of a well executed headband. (I got this one on clearance at Target.)

Also, I have a pinterest board where I’ve been tucking away hair ideas for myself. They are mostly up-dos (surprise!) that look cute and appear to be something I could do really quickly. Maybe you’d be inspired by some of those. Here’s the board.

I also have a few old posts on mom hair:

First post (here) just covers the basics of how I deal with my hair with babies around.

This post is my fav super easy and cheap (basically free cause I bet you already have some) DYI Dry Shampoo --- See Here for details.

And here is something else I do to help with the postpartum baby hair regrowth.

Here’s to Happy Hair Days!

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  1. Hey fellow mama! Don't worry about internet haters!! They forgot that junior high school was, like, fifteen years ago and this isn't a bathroom stall graffiti! Always delete, feel empowered, and remember that the eyebrows that need "fixing" were also given to your daughters and we are their examples when we stand in front of the mirror and think, I need to fix this.

    Beauty is so much more than the person in the mirror and the pictures we take of ourselves...

    And if you feel like it, read my recent blog about how all healthy pregnancies are different and how weight gain in pregnancy need not be so heavily hated (by me).


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