Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mom Hair Part 2: Dry Shampoo

But I just realized that I left out my new favoritest-favorite!

One of the hardest parts of new motherhood is finding time to wash your hair...
which is why I have fallen in love with:
Cocoa Powder as Dry Shampoo!

I won't judge you for judging me.
It does sound gross initially.

But after I tried it one time, I was hooked.

My mom has blonde hair and when I was in that awkward junior high stage she told me about how: when she was a kid, she used baby powder sprinkled in her hair to make it look not greasy between washes. I tried it, but as brunette that was always hard to pull off. You have to be really sure you rub it all in, or you have flour head. And even after you rub it in your hair looks kinda grayed.

After Jasmine was born I tried some cheapo store bought dry shampoo but I wasn't impressed. The stuff that came out was white, so there was the same hide-this-stuff issue as the baby powder. BUT it also has this extremely strong sent that overwhelmed me. I couldn't stand it! I threw it away and was just new-mom-greasy.

Recently I heard of using cocoa powder. (I can't remember where, but it was not Pinterest, I think it was a talk show.) It took me a long time to want to go that far. (It was actually seeing someone use cocoa powder as bronzer on a different talk show that made me think, "Ok ok I've got to give cocoa powder more credit.") (I have also tried it as bronzer....it works!)

I put some in a salt shaker and sprinkled it on my head. On first try I was in love. It blends right in my hair. It does an awesome job of hiding the grease. It actually gives me tons of body. (Which is great with my thinned out new mom hair.) (It gives me so much body that I actually like my hair more on the cocoa days than the just washed days.) The color also helped during my " 'wow my hair looks crazy thin right now' pre growing back" stage to make me  look less bald.  
All that and I like how it smells. I mean its chocolate. (Who doesn't like the sent of chocolate?) But its subtle. I also enjoy how it smells washing it out (not so subtle then). Mmm.

Let me show you.

1. Start with dirty hair. (The iPad must have been feeling loyal today, I couldn't convince her to actually show you just how greasy I looked.)
2. Shake, shake, shake
3. Get it everywhere -- I lift up sections all around my head and get it so my whole scalp area is powdered up.
4. Rub it in, so it looks natural.

You'd never know.

Until you look down at my sink!

This is day two of the head band curls from yesterday's post.

I think Day 2 with the help of cocoa is even better than they were on Day 1! Nice!

  • If you have red hair, Ghirardelli's cocoa is surprisingly red in tone. (Also like way more delicious than the cheapo brands.) I bet it would work well for ya.

  • If you have light brown hair, you could mix cocoa with corn starch till you get a color to match.

  • If you are blonde, go for straight corn starch. Sorry you won't get to smell like chocolate. But you can scent corn starch with essential oils -- so you can pick your favorite.

Don't let the weirdness of this keep you from trying it once.
Honestly the store bought dry shampoo is pretty much the same deal (they often use clay), they just figured out how to get it in a spray form.

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  1. My Word! This sounds just weird...i will have to give it a go. My hair is sick of "products". Looks like straw or limp weeds. You'd think that after these many years of practice, I could manage my hair!!!

  2. Tried it and LOVE it!! Thank you so much for this life saver! I've been telling everyone lol! I have also tried several dry shampoos and baby power and nothing works this good! Only downfall is my pillow case turning brown and my finger nails look like I just got done playing in dirt....but I think its worth it! :D

  3. I LOVE YOU! Thank you!! I've tried cornstarch and gotten the ugly gray hair effect too. I've tried covering up with hairspray...not too great to be all crusty like in my junior high days!!

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