Monday, August 19, 2013

More Mom Hair

Thought I'd show you another one of my mom hair tricks today.

This one is particularly helpful for once your dealing with sorta-kinda-grown-out baby hairs but those fun little guys they aren't long enough to really work with yet. (If you are wondering what I'm talking about: you get 'em after you shed your pregnancy hair in mass, and then it starts to all grow back at once)
(The stage right before this, where they are just non-helpable, is the "funnest".  Just grin and bare it. :) It grows.)

Mine are starting to be functional(ish) right now, around a year out from birth. But they still are quite short and want to escape most my stylings. (Or lack of stylings on a bla day.)
When my hair is down I like to combine some mousse and smoothing serum and rub it into my hair line while its wet.
But on the days where I want my hair up. (Which is often -- its kinda just the way I like it. Easy, pretty and functional.) I'm loving this thing!
After trying to google for this thing under weird-name-attempts I finally figured out its officially called:
 a flexible stretch comb.

I think these came out when I was just about to go into Jr High. At least thats the first time I'd ever seen one. And being that I was a junior higher, (and jr highers are awkward) the first girl I ever saw wearing one, wore it soooooooo poorly that I literally thought she had brain surgery and had terrible football-lace-stitches around her skull.
So I never wanted to own one of these after that!

Then I had a baby (years later),
and I was watching Project Runway on DVD and Heidi Klum just so happened to wear one so shockingly well (and I mean, that's just how she wears anything) that I wanted to go buy one right that instant! She erased years of hair-horror in an instant!
(I tired really hard to find a picture of her in the hair style online, but I can't. Its driving me so crazy that I may end up re-watching seasons 2 &4 (which are the ones I think I had watched -- but I'm not even sure!) just to find it. She had one of these flexible stretch combs in, and her hair was all lose and wavy and then done into a french braid.  -- I mean she just reglamourized french braids for me right then and there too! (Yeah they are cool again now, but they weren't back then she was going out on a limb and rocking it.))
(If for some reason you know what I'm talking about, let me know what season it is, or send me a pic!)

Anyway, I thought, "She made that look so good, no one is gonna convince me this thing isn't cool."
So I just wore it with confidence from day one.

It seriously fixes so many of my hair issues at the moment.

I had it tucked away since our move, and just pulled it out this week and I'm loving it all over again!

And Blake loves when I wear it. 
And that makes it that much sweeter!
I throw this hair style together in 2 mins and Blake thinks I'm runway worthy.
Never hurts a girl's day to get that kind of reaction.

To do it, I just pull my hair up in a lose messy pony tail. 
Fasten this thing around my neck, carefully pull it up over my face, tuck it into my hair, and pull it back.
You can keep it tight, or kinda fluff the hair up. 
(I like both, but my baby hairs are so short I don't do much fluffing for now)
Then I take the pony tail out and redo it. 
I like to puff the top of the hair behind the headband,
and then put the rest in a messy blob-bun.

My headband's fastener is kind lose and can open up, so I tuck a bobbie pin up into the headband on either side of the fastener and it stays put all day.

My hair is also shorter underneath still from when I cut it all off
So I stick two long bobbie pins across the back (between the headband and the bun) to hold that in place.

And there you have it.

If you missed them here are two other old mom hair posts: 1, 2

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