Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the Side...

So I asked your thoughts the other day about a second blog.
And your response was near silence. :) (I keep thinking that line from "The Princess Bride" -- "Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.")

So, I'm going with my gut.
I'm making a second blog.
I already had the perfect name -- why not!?

But that's not really why I made it. Really I just want a spot where I don't constantly ask, is this something that will make someone else feel bad? I like this Walking with Dancers blog to be for others.
And this new blog is not gonna be a blog for advice or opinions or ideas.
Its just gonna be my journal.
I'm going to honestly remember this time.
The good, the bad, the beautiful.
I know I could do that on this blog -- but something feels more safe this way. And safe helps me be real. And real is what I want to be.
I figure it will be the more appealing blog for my beloved Grandma who lives in Montana (and I miss so much) and doesn't get to know my girls as much as anyone would like. She doesn't care about mom hair. She cares about what Jasmine said the other day and what Ruby is learning right now. And that's what she's gonna get over there. Well that and some of how I feel about it all.

(Oh and by the way, I'm sticking to their alias names on that blog too. Jasmine is the older, Ruby the younger.)

I don't think I'm gonna do a lot of photos -- mostly because it takes so much more time. And I just want a word outlet right now. (My fingers often want to use a computer keyboard like a story-piano.) But who knows, time will tell. Maybe photos will happen?

Anyway. So to you my dear readers, you are invited to read or not read the random semi pointless smallnesses of my life I will record there.
Stick around here for the standard, blog sometimes about something I know.
Go there for the unforetold-how-often-it-will-be-plubished blog about things I experience.

And if you want a mini-vent-fest about who I am right now, check out the about me page on there to hear a bit more about my current plight.

Enjoy the ride (or not) with me!

The new co-sister-blog:
Pressing Baby's Breath

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