Monday, October 28, 2013

The time has come!

Ok everyone....

I'm finally getting to my post I have been planning about c-section emotional recovery. The one I asked for your input for way back.

It was really hard for me to get a grip on the angle and tone I wanted for the post.
But I think I got it.

Its mostly written up.
But it needs me to go back over some spots with better technical knowledge -- meaning I need to re-read a chapter or two of a book to get it right.
And then I need to go back over the letters from the ladies who wrote me just to make sure I'm not missing anything.
And then my editor (Blake -- who fixes my terrible spelling and grammar) needs to go over it.

I've even made the pinnable picture title.

mini preview clipette

That one took me some big brainstorming and like 4 attempts in the scrap pile. I want something that anyone would be ok with pinning. Because its not really for c-section mommas, its for anyone who knows a c-section momma, and you never know when you might wind up in that position.

I'm hoping that means I'll get it out this week!

I've been kinda pumping out posts lately because I'm trying to take advantage of the calm before my moving storm.
So enjoy it while you can...not sure how much I'll get to post once the move is going.
(25 Days till we are supposed to close!! CAN'T WAIT!)

(And after I move I hope you don't mind an intense change of pace from BIRTH, BIRTH, BIRTH to HOME DECOR, HOME DECOR, HOME DECOR! Super weird shift I know...but that's who I am. And this is my blog.)

All that said....I would LOVE it if you would pin this beloved project, when it comes out! I have high hopes (maybe too high) that it might go a little viral. Wanna start the fire with me? If you don't actually want to keep the pin you can delete it later. :) I just want people to see that its out there. I think its a really untouched subject matter that needs some love.

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  1. As a fellow c-section mama, I'm looking forward to reading it!


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