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Project: C-Section Recovery

Update: This Project has been completed. You can find the article HERE.

I have a question:

I'm wanting to do some more blog posts on c-section stuff.

One of the things I have brewing in my head is a post (or maybe a series) on how to best support a women who's had a c-section.

     I have high hopes for this little project of mine.
My "Looking Good While Pregnant" Post has gone viral via Pinterest. And So I'm hoping this future project will actually get seen by a good number of people based on that. Perhaps even go viral itself...? I would love that, not for me, but for all women who've had an emotional journey after a c-section. So we could all be more understanding of each other, and light can be shed on just how much support a c-section momma might need.

So with that in mind,
what I'm wondering is:

If you've had a c-section (especially if you had one for your first birth), or if you know someone well who has and you feel you could give some insight into these as well, would you mind sending me your thoughts on these ideas:
(and you don't have to come up with answers to all of them)

  • Is there anything you wish that you had known about c-section recovery before leaving the hospital?
  •  Is there anything you wish that your husband/partner/support had known about c-section recovery before leaving the hospital?
  • In essence: Try to imagine a pamphlet that hospitals could send home with women and their family that could give some guidance (both physically and emotionally) to this time. What would you want included? (If you did get a pamphlet from your hospital could you share with me what it included? Was it thorough enough? Would you have added anything?) {Hospital experiences vary dramatically, not every women receives information before she goes home.}
  • How could your husband/partner/support have made you feel as supported as possible after the birth?  (Both physically, and especially emotionally.)
  • What was the sweetest thing your husband/partner said to you in regards to how you birthed your child? What was something you longed to hear from your husband/partner in regards to how you birthed your child? Did they say something that you wished they had known not to say?
  • How could a very close friend make you feel as supported as possible after the birth? (Both physically, and especially emotionally --- Things to do, say, not say, etc.)
  • What were some of the most painful statements you received from others?
  • If you could magically have certain things be unspeakable in your presence (or unreadable to your eyes) what would those be? (I know there are possibly millions of these, but try to just pick the top 3 - 5,  or so. And please don't let it shake you up -- just try and breeze through this one, for your own sake. Don't try to come up with every possible sentence not to say.)
  • What do you wish people knew about a c-section, or a women who's birthed via c-section?
  • Were there any very painful situations you encountered? (This could very well be physically or emotionally)
  • What has been the hardest thing(s) for you to deal with? (Both physically, and especially emotionally.)
  • What thoughts do you battle most often?
  • What would you love to hear from someone regarding your birth / your recovery / your body?
  • What do you think would (or has) help(ed) you the most in your healing process?
  • If you have experienced (or are experiencing) a subsequent pregnancy(ies) what has that experience been like for you? (Physically, emotionally, logistically, socially, etc.)
  • If you've had any subsequent deliveries (regardless of method), how was the experience compared to the previous c-section? What did that/those delivery(ies) mean to you? (These stories may encourage women looking to have more children but fearing another birthing process.)
  • Anything else you'd like to include?
  • I also know that some women have a very positive view of their caesarean birth(s) and I would love to hear from you as well! What do you think contributed to your positive experience and view point? Maybe something you share with me could help someone who's struggled with theirs to begin to view it positively. And that would be AWESOME!

I know that I have a lot of my own thoughts complied on these topics, but I'd like to try and round it out with your experiences.

{Oh and in case you've just stumbled upon this blog post without knowing much about me. In 2010 I gave birth to my first born via Caesarean and struggled immensely with it emotionally. Between my pregnancies I did a lot of research, hoping to give myself the best chance at a VBAC. And in 2012 I had a successful VBAC at home. (But I remain very open minded as to birthing locations. And I would never judge a momma for choosing a c-section, repeat or otherwise. I understand that wholeheartedly.) Despite having had a VBAC, I still had/have emotional issues to work through regarding my c-section, and my heart belongs to c-section mommas.}

{Update: 3/19/13 --- I forgot to mention: I'm a Christian, and I was surprised to find that my c-section and the disappointment I had from it, challenged my faith like nothing else has. I am a work in progress right now as God continues to heal my heart. If you are a Christian and relate to that in anyway, and would like to share with me the ways it has impacted your faith and how you continue to work that out, please do! I would LOVE that! I don't plan on including it in this particular set of posts I'm working on at the moment. (It would be off topic.) But I think we could encourage each other, and perhaps it may prompt some other types of posts on the subject matter. As it is currently not something I've seen addressed online. And eventually I'd love to contribute to helping women in this area.}

If you feel comfortable commenting on this post, please do. But I'd like to leave you with my personal email, so that you can feel safe in sharing.
Please feel free to be as open as you'd like to be.
*And let me know if any of it is something you would like to be held in confidence. (I do plan on being discreet in how I share what you share with me (no names or anything overly specific), but if is there is anything you'd like to direct me on exactly how comfortable you are with having it shared, please do.) I want to be totally respectful of you.
But please keep in mind I'm hoping to share generalities with the public for the good of anyone struggling with c-section stuff.

So please send your responses to:


I'd love to thank each and every person who responds, personally, but depending on the volume of responses, I may not be able to do so, despite my best efforts. (I will try! But my two year old and 8 month old have me on my toes lately: a very mobile baby and a two year old who's working on sharing -- that's busy work!) So in advance: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

The cut off so I can compile these responses is Aug 1st, 2013. But if you could try and get your responses to me as soon as you can, that would be awesome!

And feel free to pass this along, or pin it, so I can try to get as large a cross-section of responses as possible! I'd love that!!



  2. Thanks for writing such a helpful and non-judgemental post. The emotional healing is so important for all the moms who hoped to have a natural birth and for any number of reasons ended up having a c-section. Even a planned c-section (often an informed choice weighing risks) still can have a profound emotional impact on mom.

  3. Hello ms.lydia, I'm mary from philipppines. I'm so inspired with with your blogs about c-section and vbac. I had c-section last march and having a hard time dealing with it emotionally. I'm so down right especially the firth 3 months after my operation.. Its a very dark place for me. I cried almost everyday and sometimes it affects my bonding with my baby..and my relationship with my husband is not here with me, after I gave birth he returned to his job abroad. I really feel alone most of the time though my husband is always there to support.. But its very hard. I sometimes questioned God, why He let me suffer like I really bad and need to be punished?. But everyday I feel that He speaks and listens to me. And I hope that all will be well in His time..I hope I can have successful vbac in the future. GOdbless

  4. All the information are really nice this is very valuable information for all. Thanks for sharing such amazing post.


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