Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A little prep for the upcoming BIG POST!

If you've had a c-section and are excited about my up coming post on how to care of c-section mommas...
Read this post first!

So I think I have the post all written up now.
And I think it just needs some editing.
(I THINK. This post is a big deal to me, I wanna get it right. I may need to sit for a couple more days to make sure its done-done.)

But what I wanted to say today is this:

I'm totally and absolutely pumped about this post. I wish I could have shown it to my family and friends soon after my c-section. I think its gonna be sooo super helpful.
(I REALLY hope it spreads around. Once again PLEASE pin this thing so it gets out there.)

Its written for people who know and love women who is grieved over her c-section.

I know that some mommas don't regret or have any negative feelings over their c-section. And I love that! I applaud that. And I think you are awesome.
But I went for the stuff that applies to just women who are grieved over it. If you aren't grieved, that's totally fine and you are not wrong at all.

I just know many women who are grieved over their c-section (to one degree or another) and I know the people around her need some guidance on the matter.

All that said,
I'd love for you fellow c-section mommas to read this and give me your input.
I want to throw out a huge warning for you first....

This post could totally throw you for an emotional loop.

If I had read this thing on a bad day I would have felt like crawling in a hole and not coming out.

I go over some things that could really open up old wounds.

So please make sure you are in a place where you are ready and prepared for that when, and if, you read it.

Me meeting my baby during my c-section.

Ok. Just wanted to make sure you knew that before you dive in head first and perhaps get shell shocked.
Its totally a good post. It just might be emotional for you.

Post coming soon!

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