Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanks: Day 8

My Thankfulness kicked in first thing this morning.
I was thankful for coffee.
I had a long night of baby babbling -- not sleeping. And when my baby babbles, she does it scream-style.  She's not mad or sad, she's just LOUD! There was no sleeping.
(And my poor hubby had an even less sleep, poor guy was out in the living room getting together a bunch of stuff for work all night. The academic world can be cruel!)
And so that coffee was very much appreciated.
It helped me wake up, and it helped take away the headache from lack of sleep.

I also was thankful just thinking about coffee...
at one point I worked at a Starbucks.
And honestly, it was my favorite job that I've ever had.
The people I worked with are forever stamped on my heart.
I'm really glad I got to know them.
And I'm really glad I still get to interact with most of them via social media.
They still make my day so often.

Coffee is a good thing!
(Sadly my husband refuses to drink it. I had always romanticized the drinking of coffee in regards to romance and love -- coffee and newspapers in the morning kind thing. But then again, I don't read newspapers, and he reads them (well electronically) so I guess we are even.)

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