Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanks: Day 7

I'm thankful for two girls that sing.

Today both my girls were sick. Well one was sick, and one is working through a recent vaccination while teething!

And it was a rough day.

But at one point while I nursed the baby on the bed, I heard my toddler singing so clear and bright, and with all the words just right, out in the living room. It melted my heart. And it made my day.

And my baby is a singer already too. She is so vocal. Coo-shouting all the time. She even sings when she takes breaks from nursing. It cracks me up. And I find it so interesting. She is totally herself. Her older sister never made so many sounds at her age. It will be fun watching them grow.

I'm also thankful for a husband who will let me run out of the house for an hour to grab some library books and movies, and some supplies for my new-light-project. (It looks awesome! I'm super excited about it!) Seeing the outside world on my own makes my lungs feel new.

I can take on tomorrow now. (But I am praying tomorrow doesn't start in the middle of the night...that our little ones sleep well through their getting well.)

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