Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanks: Day 6

I have to take a deep breath today to find my thankful.
The night ended hard.
My toddler has a runny nose and cough. My baby has a low grade fever from her shots yesterday.
We fought hard to get the toddler to bed, despite the fact that she was exhausted!
And that exhausted me.
Then, the tension of the election.
Its exhausting.
And I'm not even one to focus on politics.

deep breath.


I am thankful that I found a place in me that is ok with winging it, while planing it.

I've been working on getting a game plan together for how to have a well run day.
And I've come up with ideas, and want to accomplish them.
I'm grateful that I was able to start implementing the thoughts before they were fully formed, and how smoothly it went, and how clearly I was shown that two year olds are easy audiences.

I'm grateful that up until about 5:30pm, our day went pretty awesome for how messily it could have gone.

I'm also grateful that my husband got us out to vote early, so that today, with two sickish girls on my hands, I could just get through my day at home.

And I'm thankful that I have a sweet husband who's always willing to run to the store to get that one little thing we need -- tonight = Vicks Vapor Rub and Baby Tylenol.

And I'm thankful, that right at this moment, no one is crying!
ha, I knew that sentence was tempting fate.
Now, no one is crying.

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