Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weigh-in #12

Sorry, I missed yesterday.
I've been hyper focused on getting some projects done around the house, so I didn't have time to blog.
(I have like 45 things I want to blog about, but <sigh> its hard to get time to do it.)

weight in:

It was a fluxuaty week.
But this as of this morning, I have 2 pounds left to lose.

I should be way more excited about that,
but I just want to be done!

I don't think I can overstate how exhausted I am by the scale,
I've been watching it shift for 3 years now!
Gaining weight, while pregnant with J
feeling huge
promising myself to lose more than the baby weight
working so so so hard ( like harder than I've worked for anything) to get to a healthy BMI
getting pregnant (as hoped)
and working, even harder than I worked to lose the weight, to stay healthy during my pregnancy
(because in my mind that would take the burden of how the delivery went off of my shoulders)
getting those pounds back off.
I'm just exhausted.
I don't want it to be at the forefront of my mind 

That makes me want to try harder this week to get these pounds off.

This past week,
I didn't think to hard about what I ate,
just kinda "felt my way through the week."
(And yeah, a pound did come off, but there were days where I was up a few too many too!)

This week, 
I want to count my points again,
and just get this done.

I don't know if I will quite make my goal of off by Thanksgiving -- it will of course be close,
but I'm a stubborn old thing and if I'm gonna do it, I want to do it.
(Or else I just don't want to even try, which would mean eating cake all day.)

Here goes a try,
(hopefully I try,
As much as I want it to be done,
I kinda wanna give in early and be done now.)

I'm glad I'm blogging it 
(even if no one else is -- for all I know, I annoy everyone to death with this stuff)
because if I wasn't I would have left like 12 pounds on permanently while I lived off spoonfulls of sugar!

I still haven't made it back to the gym!
(I'm stuck on all these projects at home and not wanting to give up my free time again.
Hopefully as I wrap them up, I will be willing to get back in the game!)

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