Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Favorite Cozy Nursing Bra (Great For Hard to Find Sizes)

I'm an entirely different size currently than I was after having my first baby.
What did that mean for my stockpile of maternity clothes? Well, a lot of it worked because of their style.
in regards to my nursing bras...I didn't fit into a single one right anymore. They are all too lose.

I was trying to get away with not buying any more right now (because I was thinking I might not stay this size for long), but I finally bit the bullet and got some new ones. There was just no way I was going to keep trying to smash myself into a sports bra -- not comfortable! AND I was pretty sure I was going to cause some kind of problem with clogged ducts or something. I tried going with out a nursing bra (like at bed time) but that was no good, because then I couldn't use nursing pads, and well, yeah, I went through tons of clothes.
I hate spending money when I don't have to, but I finally realized, I had to.

I'm still a super un-standard size (small band size meets large cup size), so I can't find nursing bras in the stores (especially around here.)
And you all know how I like to alter bras to fit to work around that.
But with nursing bras -- like the comfy kind, the lounging, night time type -- personally I just don't see a way to alter those.
First off, because the comfy night time kind of nursing bras you can find in the stores are not sturdy enough for me. The fabric just isn't made to hold the weight of my nursing breasts. And second of all, they way the are sewn (more like a sports bra) would mean taking basically the entire thing apart and resewing it completely just to get the band tighter.
Basically it just doesn't makes sense.

So while I bought a couple of regular bras, for day time, and altered those. (And yes I said regular, not nursing bras, because I'm just lifting out of the cup for feedings. I like the fit of normal bras too much to bother with daytime nursing bras.)
But for night time and hanging around the house, I wanted something straight off the rack.

I went with my favorite from last time (just in a different size.)
It's the only one I have come across that is actually made in my size, AND heavy duty enough to work for the weight of my large size while it is filled with milk.
I also like that's made of cotton. I'm a cotton-a-holic. I love the way it feels and breaths. And the fact that it breaths so well is good for fending off thrush (my nursingarch nemesis!)

I had to order it online, because like I said I don't know where to find it in stores around here. So while I waited for it to arrive I got nervous worrying I wouldn't like it as much this time as I did last time. Well those concerns proved worthless. I love these bras. They feel outstanding.

Also, I know from past experience these bras can really stand up to a million washings and a million wears. I have worn my first one (despite it not fitting well) for two years now. And it's still going strong. Its a little faded -- but it is a black bra I washed constantly in hot water (I got thrush --- heat kills it) so I'd say that's to be expected.

Now I will say, these are not going to make you look like a million bucks --- they are going to make you feel like a million bucks. These are not cute. They do not "lift and separate." (Although they do lift, or at least hold up!) I'm not selling you a "how to be sexy" bra. I'm offering you a "ah yes, finally I can stop thinking about my boobs" bra.

Anyway, I wanted to tell anyone who needs to know, what this bra is, incase you need similar comfort in your life.
I can't attest to if someone would love this bra as much as I do, if they are able to buy cozy bras easily in their size at any store, because well that's just not my situation. I would imagine you would find it comfortable though.

Anyway here it is, in all it's many sized glory:

If you are like me and are looking at the pictures thinking, "Man that basic size looks so much cuter than the Double Plus" and feeling sorry for yourself... let me tell you something awesome about the design of the double plus. It looks like a cami if it shows under your top. I wore my black one totally visibly under a low cut dress, regularly, out in public after I had my first, and no one had a second thought about it. Kinda awesome!

Since these are "cozy bras" there is some wiggle room in the sizing.
Its best to try and get the right size, of course.
But after my first was born I literally could have used a "Triple Plus" small size (if it existed) but I just used a Double Plus medium size and it was great.
Now I am using the Double Plus small size and it fits perfectly, even after hours of not nursing, like when I wake up in the morning.

I ordered mine from Figure 8 Maternity, because they had free shipping (and coincidentally had a sale on the exact bras I wanted on the exact day I was shopping!)
I had a great experience with the site. My bras shipped right away and came really quickly (despite a weekend being in the mix.)
They even give you rewards dollars, which will come in handy if I am going to be buying more nursing bras! (Which I am sure I will! That's just how it works for me.)

P.S. I'm not reimbursed for any of this info -- I just like sharing with you!


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