Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Cute Watch-Baby-Grow Questions

My mom loves to give baby calendars to mommies-to-be. It's one of her favorite baby shower gifts to give.
I, of course, got one from her for each of my girls.

Baby Calendars really are great!
You can easily keep track of those marvelous firsts.
(I think its easier to keep track of on a calendar than in a book.
And you can easily transfer the info into your baby's book later.)

AND if you want to,
you can write a little something on each and every day,
 and when you look back you can relive the entire first year of your baby's life.
I did that with J, and I am surprised than now two years later, when I read those tiny little squares of words, I am transported right back there, and I can actually remember each day!

The girls have gotten two different calendars.
The one we got for J had these cute questions to fill out at the end of every month, but our new calendar doesn't have them.
They were really great questions to help you see the baby grow and change, so I am going to answer the same ones again for Baby A, in addition to filling out her calendar.

I thought I would share them with you, incase you wanted to use them each month too:

This month your height is ________ and your weight is __________.

Your sleeping patterns are...

Your feeding schedule is...

Some sounds and motions you make are...

Your like and dislikes are...

Your favorite toys and games are...

By the end of the month you are learning to...

It's been really fun to look back on these with J. And I am excited to do it again with Baby A. 


  1. I wish I had done this! What a wonderful way to remember their first years. That times seems to have blurred all together for me. What a wonderful idea and such a special keepsake :)

  2. Cool idea. Thanks. I love your blog! So many great ideas and a breath of fresh air. I used to work in safe sleep and am thus somewhat neurotic when I see pictures of sleeping kids. I noticed that your daughter has long ties on her bonnet. Those can be unsafe for sleeping as kids can get tangled. Just wanted to point this out so your family can stay safe.


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