Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I'm Brainstorming

I feel like I've lived in our new place for years, and at the same time I feel like everything is still so new.
Part of this sensation is the fact that I realize everything I do around here is just going to get packed back up in a year or two. So if I don't get stuff decorated in the initial settling in phase, I feel like it won't be worth my time.
My brain keeps telling me, I've already been here long enough now that anything I do from here on out is a waste. This probably has something to do with weird pregnancy nesting hormones getting messed around with in the midst of a move. (Or something! I don't know!)

But I still need to get a handful of things taken care of around here. I have about 4 months to get it done before little girl #2 gets here. Totally doable. I'd just rather get it done sooner than later, so I can enjoy it as long as possible!

So in no real order here are the things I am mulling over:
(Feel free to throw any thoughts you have out there)

  • Getting my pantry just right
  • Getting my tiny coat closet to function better (But don't get me wrong -- I'm very happy we have one, I just need to make it set up better.)
  • Figuring out how to organize my own closet in this rental (Don't have a double closet rod and can't do the type of closet makeover I did last time.) (Current frustration -- tank tops -- where do they go?) (Pondering, if I should just make due, or buy a few more organizational tools.)
  • Where to store suitcases (Why don't houses have specific suitcases closets or something? They are always in my way!)
  • We need to get the new baby stuff back from Blake's parents & figure out where to keep it
  • Deciding where Baby girl #2 clothes will be kept. (Have options -- which is best?)
  • Getting our TV stand/toy storage cabinets built for the living room
  • Getting my bathroom art done
  • Getting my kitchen projects done
  • Getting the spare room functional. Its still messy and mostly unpacked
 The spare room needs to function as:

  • Sewing Room
  • Guitar Space
  • Home Office
  • Occasional Guest Room (Blow-up Matress)
  • Kinda Baby Room (At first the baby will probably just sleep in our room. And since I will be pregnant for half our lease, I figure {unless we stay another year} it will barely be a baby room.) So mostly, I just need to save room for a crib in there.

I also need to be figuring out food for once the baby is here. I remember feeling sooo hungry when J was tiny, and just having to wait until I feed her, burped her, changed her and got her to sleep before I could eat again, and start the whole process once again in a little while.
This time I'm gonna have two! I'm not sure how I will ever get anything into my mouth! And while that may be good for losing the baby weight, it will not be good for my brain, mood, and mommy sanity! So I need to figure out things I can heat up and eat in all of 2 minutes. And I'd like them to be healthy, because I am facing down a deflated baby belly, I just feel more sane eating things that promise to aid in its removal! :)
Dinners I'm cool with coming from the crock pot. But its lunch and breakfast that I'm stumped on.

So I need to be looking into that!

So I have a few things to figure out! My brain is having a hard time focusing down on one, and I am not getting all that much figured out jumping around endlessly. I thought maybe if I write it down, I'd have better focus. At least I can stop thinking, "Now what were all the things I needed to do?"

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  1. Quick initial thoughts.....suitcases can be stored under beds if there is enough space. Some beds have it others don't...or under J's crib. Cooking I think I made you a list on facebook the other day but what helps me most is making supper in bulk right now and using that for Lunches for Abbie and I on days I am home. Or I did freeze my quesadillas and it worked great being heated up on the pizza stone...cut them before you freeze them and just pop them out when you are ready.


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