Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Pregnancy Pictures

Normally, I had been doing my entry about the week that just past, and including a photo of Day 1 of the next week.
I posted early this last time, so I'm kinda in limbo for this photo.
So I will ramble.

First off, you may have noticed that I did not make a big fuss over hitting 20 weeks and how I'm now officially half way done.
This is because, no matter how mathematically correct that would be, I have learned through experience, that emotionally speaking 20 weeks is NOT the halfway point.
In pregnancy, time slows down dramatically towards the end. And so somehow the end lasts entirely longer than the beginning!
So I think I may feel halfway done around 30 weeks.
Then again, I really want to call 40 weeks half way done, because with J, those two weeks I went past my due date lasted approximately 50 years.
But I've been trying to talk #2 into coming out at 38 weeks. 
(A girl can dream right?)

I mentioned before, that since my photos from last time around look so different between 20 and 22 weeks, I thought my belly would be growing soon. 
I was right. 
Since my last belly post, last three days ago, my belly has grown a whole inch (after holding steady for almost a month.)
 I could feel it. It felt so tight and even a little heavy, just in the belly. (No weight gain though)
 And I feel bigger. 

                                    2012                                                                       2010

I'm realizing, that its all about to start rolling in -- the pregnancy bigness.

Last time we forgot to get pictures between week 22 and week 27 and looking at the two of them...wow, did I ever get bigger during those weeks.
So, yeah. 
Belly here we come!

I guess I should get around to unpacking my maternity clothes now.
Thing is, I've been happily wearing the same 5 or so dresses with leggings every day.
I'm thinkin those maternity shirts folded up in a bin right now, are pretty much a total waste on me at this point. I'm a dress-a-holic. And I think I'm gonna stay that way for the pregnancy and at least this entire summer/fall after baby is here. I don't see the point in missing out on the comfort. Plus they are really just so flattering. And post baby, so easily to keep up with size-changing-wise.

But I do have a few more dresses tucked away in bins. I should get those out now ---before its too late. Save yourself. (Ok ignore me. I'm tired and slap happy.)

J likes to touch my belly (or often times she gets confused and goes for the boobs) and say "baby!"
She's not too gentle with the belly. I usually can't stop her from climbing all over it before she starts crushing me and #2. I keep telling myself that I'm pretty sure God knew toddlers would be doing this to  mommy bellies, so there must be enough cushion in there to keep #2 safe durning the moments before I can remove said toddler from belly bouncing.

Her new thing is to say "Hi" to anything and everything by name and then say "what doing?" 
(aka. whatcha doing?)
"Hi Big Bear! What doing?"
"Hi Potty! What doing?"
(Potty is obviously the potty. But she also calls her teapot, Mrs. Pots (from Beauty and the Beast) Potty. She says hi to both. Pretty funny!)

Here she is standing on the scale today and air washing her hands.

Ok I should go take a nap.
J has been sick with a cold and keeping me from sleep.
I owe it to #2 to get some.

Talk to you later.

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