Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in the Pool Again

Ah swimming. How did I forget how wonderful you are!?

Its been way longer than I thought, since I last swam. I wasn't able to do it while Blake was finishing his PhD because he was working such late hours. I couldn't ask him to get up and watch J at 6am, when he had been working till 4am. And our pool was only open early mornings or lunch time. (Lunch time = no babysitter.) So I just waited until we moved and life got simpler.

But even here with my new pass set up, every time I thought about getting in the car and driving to the pool (or worse yet, waking up early to get in the car and drive to the pool) I just want to throw hissy fits of huge proportions.

I had been thinking, "Why do I insist on being healthy this time? Its so dumb! I hate it! I don't want to! I'm gonna be so mad having to do this until July!"

And then to make matters worse, J caught a cold, and didn't sleep at alll last night. (You see yesterday Blake and I made a game plan, to get me to the gym. It involved going to bed earlyish/on time, and then waking up at 6am.) I thought I was going to die last night, with how much she cried and how badly I wanted to sleep, and how terrible it was going to be to go to the gym.

But I made myself go because I knew if I didn't today, I'd find a way to not go all week, and then all month, and then we would have wasted all that money on the membership to the cool brand new Iowa State University Recreational Facilities.

Besides I had already hunted down a swimsuit that should fit me all the way till the end of this pregnancy.

Stores aren't carrying maternity suits yet (just online). (This is silly, I mean, don't pregnant ladies ever get to go to Florida or awesome Islands this time of year? Yes! Its not just crazy college kids! Take note, retailers! Take note!)
Anyway, so I ended up finding a cute long tankini at Kohls, and bought it a few sizes bigger to be safe. Its nice because their is a drawstring on each sides, so you can make it longer or shorter in the torso -- this will come in handy. (It gets very long, at least on short me, so I feel safe that it will fit for the whole pregnancy.)
I also really like the halfcircle patterned print, on the belly.
I was quite happy with the purchase, since I wasn't out looking for cute, I was just looking to keep the belly under wraps! But I ended up with both!

I felt like the top wasn't quite secure enough to feel carefree while lap swimming, so I bought a sports bra from Target, that is made out of what feels like swimsuit material, to layer it up.
I think it looks pretty normal under there. (I bought it in Black.) And, well if it doesn't, I don't care. It feels good and I get to work out.
(I've used this same type of sports bra in my non-pregnant, nursing days for swimming as well. My speedo-type lap suits doesn't have a bra in it. And with my nursing chest, I wanted one.  It has held up just as well as the swimsuit to all the repeated chlorine exposure and constant use. So if you are in a similar situation with your swim suit I'd totally suggest this bra to you.)

And I had a pair of black bottoms already.

So, I made myself go.

I hate new things, so I was all afraid of going and looking dumb not knowing where to find the locker rooms, and not having the feel for the way people swim in this pool, ect. 
That was the hardest part, convincing myself it would be ok if I looked dumb today.

Well, I got there found the locker room and it felt like was like I was the only one there. 
When I got to the pool, it was only me and the lifeguards.
I was in heaven. No more sharing lanes.
At my last pool it was always crowded, and we always had to share, or even wait to share.
Having the lane, and the whole pool, to myself was just the most relaxing thing in the world to me.

And I needed that relaxing time to myself.  I had been having some mommy burn out, mixed with emotional burn out with all the changes and new things from this move. When I got home I was a new mommy. Endorphins are my most under appreciated favorite thing! When I am full of them I never want to be with out them. When I am missing them I run from them like the plague. (Then I kick myself later for the nonsense!)

Before I got there I was a bit nervous about being totally out of shape from all the time off, plus the new baby weight. When I did the first few pases I did get winded and felt the emotional "oh no!" But I told myself I will stay in the pool 30 mins, and it doesn't matter how much I get accomplished. That was a good call. I was able to just kinda swim steadily without pressure after that. And I think I got a decent amount of laps in. (Didn't count.) By the end I was feel like I could stay in all day. But I was getting round ligament pain. And I didn't feel safe pushing things, since it has been so long since I've swam. If I wasn't protecting a new life, I would have totally pushed myself, but I wanted to be safe, so I called it a day. I think the pain is partially the twisting motion I do to move my arms, and partially the fact that I think my belly is in a growth spurt the last couple days. So I'm sure I was totally safe, I just wanted to be really sure!

I really like this gym facility. It's brand new and full of cool stuff.
When I was leaving I saw two girls running around the vortex pool. I was under the impression that it was a hot tub, but apparently you can work out in it. (I'm not sure if its hot or not during lap swimming.) Maybe one day I'll give that a whirl. (Wait that was punny. Total accident!)

And believe you me, all June (maybe even starting in May) you will definitely see me trying to walk the baby out with long bouts on one of their many treadmills or ellipticals. (I like ellipticals better, do those walk babies out just as well as treadmills? Hope so. I don't see why not!) {I do like swimming more, so I think I'll do both at the end.} As well as take J on many real walks. And........ do squats all day everyday. And.... then figure eights on a birth ball after my legs give out. All while eating handfuls of spicy peppers!!! This baby will definitely be welcomed out by anything I can think of! And my legs will be more toned than they ever have been in my whole life! At least I'll have that going for me, even if I can't get into labor again, I will have legs of steel!

I like my gym. And I am excited, to be excited to work out! 


  1. Yay glad to hear you found a new gym you like!! I would also like to add onto your list of things to make yourself go into labor.....eating pineapple, drinking castor oil, and well we won't discuss the last :) This really intrigues me to try swimming the next time I am pregnant or even when not pregnant. I have heard such good things about it! I really like that fact that you said you didn't count laps, just said you would stay in for 30 minutes....I think many times swimming intimidates me cause I'm not good so I just don't try. Very encouraged! Thanks!

  2. My mom swam all the way until her due date with my oldest brother! I'm not sure how long she continued it with us but we were all very comfortable in the water because of her.


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