Wednesday, December 28, 2011

13 Weeks

The Belly:
Its bigger.
How can I tell?
Santa told me.
He was an "off duty" Santa Clause with a real beard, who struck up a conversation with J  at our Christmas Eve Breakfast out.  I held her, with her legs wrapped around my waist, while we talked and he said to me, "and I see you're expecting another one." Initially I was just blissfully mommy-full, saying "yes" while thinking about my new baby. But then it dawned on me that holy cow Santa -- that was brave! I'm still not official looking. But I guess Santa does have the skills to sense another child coming into the world.

Probably a better gauge than Santa, is that I can now feel a little softball in my belly.

I still grow and shrink from bloating. At night time I'm lookin pretty prego these days. Maybe that's just how my belly is gonna roll this time, I'm not sure getting bigger is gonna change the bloating trend.

I will post a photo soon. (Preview of Week 14 of pregnancy --- we all get sick. So I haven't taken the photo yet.)

Ok photo done. The cringing smile, this time, is due to sickness.

                              Dec 2009                                                            Dec 2011

What did I wear this week? Well since I had to be away from home so much, that required that I pack. And you can ask Blake, I hate packing. I never like picking out what I'm gonna wear ahead of time. And that especially rings true during this "sorta kinda look pregnant phase" where you can also just look fat. SO I thought packing was gonna suck. But I actually got it done really quickly by packing a bunch of dresses and leggings and some cardigans. And let me tell you. I'm in love. I can't think of anything better to wear right now. It keeps you from feeling overly conspicuous, helps prying eyes from overly accessing your belly. But somehow still says "yes I like being pregnant and I'm not trying to hide it." And It made me feel small, even when I felt big. AND its wonderfully comfortable. (I may not stop wearing dresses for, oh a year or so. :) )

I think it says something that I can't remember this week in order to answer that -- especially since this week was Christmas, you'd think that'd jog my memory.
We've been just a wee bit busy, fitting in just as much visiting with friends and family as possible all week long.
What I can remember is that J slept like crap for most of this week, meaning so did I. And I was feelin the pain. And I was terrified I would collapse from sleep deprivation over our Christmas traveling bonanza, since it was my fear she would sleep even worse away from home. There was one super bad night in there, but actually our last two nights she slept better than she has in weeks or months -- it was super refreshing! (Sadly, now that we are home, she's not keeping up with the trend.)

In general I'm not feelin to bad. But there have been some pretty tricky bouts of tummy yuckies this week.  Which is kinda annoying since I thought I was through that. But it once again, feels like terrible indigestion. And (TMI, don't keep reading if you don't want to) I'm definitely struggling with constipation this pregnancy. With J I didn't ever have an issue with that. This time -- it's pretty rough. I think that's the culprit for these tummy aches. I get hungry, but I don't always have any room left for the new food.

I've been pretty ok with the thought of everything.
But one of my tummy yuckies came from eating chili at both lunch and dinner. After dinner I felt like death.
Then at my family's at one point Blake had to get me special food, because I could stomach spicy pork sandwiches for dinner after we had it for lunch (fear of the double food experience again.)

And as of right now I hate the word pomegranate. And I think its gonna stay that way. It was the last food I was eating when the nausea kicked in hard core and I get queasy just thinking of it. And unfortunately it seems to be mentioned lately way more than it ever has been in my whole life put together!

Not about the baby, but about life. Tired. Overwhelmed.
Traveling to Blake's family (2.5 hours away) on Christmas Eve to my family's (3 hours from there) on Christmas Day after not sleeping for a while while pregnant with a todder is just draining.
Realizing you need to get pretty much everything figured out in regards to moving to another state like "now" even though its Christmas and you still don't have the stuff here in IL completed is overwhelming, especially for a person who doesn't like "grown up stuff" like apartment hunting and the like.

At the start of this week we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was nice. We got to video record it, and I'm glad we did, because at the appointment I felt like I couldn't tell when it was the baby's heartbeat we were hearing and when it was my heartbeat. So as I watched the video back a million times, it made sense and sunk in.
We didn't get a heart rate number since the doppler kept getting my heartbeat in there too, but the midwife said it sounded like 150s-160s.
The midwife also had a hard time keeping the doppler on the baby, so she said "It's feisty, whatever it is!"

And yes, like I predicted, now that I've heard the heartbeat I officially know I'm feeling flutters. I'm feeling them a lot. Actually yesterday I felt them the most yet.
I must have a lot of nerve endings in my womb, and really movin babies. I feel them so early.

Even though we've been crazy busy, and Christmas felt rushed. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and am really glad we did make it to both families homes' on our last Christmas in Illinois.

It was so fun to watch her open Christmas presents. Last year she was only 6 months old, so I almost feel like this year was the first Christmas, since last year she didn't get it.
She was kinda into unwrapping the gifts with me on Christmas Eve, and she liked to see what was inside as the paper came off. It was the sweetest, cutest thing I've ever seen when she unwrapped her Elmo doll from Granny. As the paper came off, she started to see Elmo's face, and she just started to gasp repeatedly with delight and shock as she realized who was in there. I've never seen her so excited before. It was adorable. I've never had more fun with presents in my life. Seeing her happy with her gifts was more wonderful than any joy I've ever had opening my own presents.

Then on Christmas Day, she had no interest in pulling the paper off the presents. Once one or two were opening she just wanted to play with what was there and didn't want a thing to do with any more. (And there were a lot more.) I, as her mommy, also thought that was cute and nice because I felt like it meant she wasn't being greedy.

We got her a baby doll stroller, which I thought she would be interested in, but she in fact was obsessed with it! She put a new baby doll in it and roller her around my mom's kitchen table more times than you can count. It was so cute.
She also got a tent from Granana, where she sat and had tea parties with "big bear" for what seamed like hours on end. Adorable!

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