Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Throw Blanket Upgrade

I bought three throw blankets I found on clearance for $10 each at a grocery store (Mejier) a few months ago. 
This was great because we had been needing a third blanket in the family  room in the morning. (There was an odd man out thing going on.)
So I was excited to grab these, but I didn't like  the edges at all --they were too plain.

So I crocheted a chain stitch in a thick yarn and then sewed it down the side seams.

And I took some fringe off a vintage blanket I have that could stand well enough on its own with out the fringe, and added it to the bottom and top of each blanket.

I like them infinitely more now.

I think they look a lot prettier, and more classy, and meaningful.

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