Friday, October 13, 2017

Living Room Refresh

So, it was only a few months ago that I showed you a mirror, that I had made over, hung up over my sectional in the living  room.
But, you know me I'm always changing everything.
This makeover was kind of an accident. One day I bought a throw blanket for the room (on clearance for $15.) It was white, and putting it in the space inspired me to bring in a lot more fresh elements.
I wound up having everything I needed on hand, so this may cover cost me no more then the clearance throw blanket. But it made a significant difference in the room. It's much cheerier now.

These pillows are all made from scraps of fabric that I had laying around. Which are used to recover pillows I already owned. I wanted a lot of texture, but not a lot of color so this worked out great.

This pillow was made from a tiny bit of fridge I had left after adding it to my throw blanket in my family room. I just sewed it down the center, two times facing each other, and so it up-and-down it to hold it in place.

These pillows, were made from scraps of cotton blanket. And I will be in my own yard to give it extra interest.  And for the biggest pillow I made my own tassels from the yarn. The yard is one of those Kenzie are in it's like the current thinner as it's woven, so it gives a lot of nice texture. ( and I actually got it for free once when ordering a different yarn online. Extra bonus! )

The art I have up and there was kind of an accident but I kind a love it. I want of scraping off old art thinking I would paint on this again that really like that was left over. So I'm calling it an abstract art. It works for me for now you know me I'll probably change it later.

So that's the living room now it's looking a lot brighter. I feel like it's more welcoming this way. Which is nice since the first room you see you when you walk into the house.

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