Wednesday, March 25, 2015

26 Weeks Pregnant with #3

This past week was really hard for me. I actually had a couple good days, but they were accompanied by Jasmine getting the flu.
I missed a conference at church that I had been looking forward to from before I was pregnant.
And basically I just broke emotionally. It is very difficult to be sick so long and keep your sanity. I had two days where I just couldnt stop crying. Like CRYING. Not tears, sobs. My eyes almost swelled shut.
Baby seems nice and squirmy.
Despite the fact that last night (which is technically not part of the week I'm typing up, but the next one) I seemed to come down with that flu Jasmine had.
Thankfully my mom is here to help me with the girls while I do nothing but lay in bed.
The pictures this week are not ideal.
I spend most my life right now laying, and attempting to cheer
myself up by feeling baby move, while I feel sick.
This is me today.
Belly and me almost done with Gilmore Girls
Best Belly shot I can muster for you.


  1. You know, I really appreciate how real you are about pregnancy and motherhood. I don't know if it helps you at all; but I feel like I'll be better prepared when my turn comes along. I hope your flu passes quickly!

  2. Oh my worst fear is getting sick while pregnant when you already feel like you're completely drained and in your case already sick as a dog!!! I am so so sorry for you. I got a stomach bug this time around at 38 weeks and I wanted to die. I am praying for you from Texas!!!! <3 So glad your mom can help you.


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