Monday, January 26, 2015

First Day of Home School

We started home school today!

It is a REALLY good thing I ordered the stuff when I did, because all last week Jasmine was literally begging to do home school.
(I was busy painting and or getting ready to have school planned out. So I wanted to wait till Monday.)
I mean, the kid is excited to learn.

I figured we better take “the photo” even if we are homeschooling and starting at a weird time of year.

To be fair, Ruby gets one too. :) 
Even if I don’t plan on making her join us if she doesn’t want to.

Yep…we fully embraced the stero type -- homeschool and pajamas.
I mean I’m barely un-nauseous -- I think we can call it ok right?
Who am I kidding, this is one of the best perks of school at home, regardless of how I feel!
And actually-- my kids think pjs are clothes. When I tell them to get dressed they beg me to change them into other pjs. lol. We’re classy.

We’ve only done one day so far.
But they both did really well.
Ruby was surprisingly into it and cooperative, until she found out we were done with glue.
And then she cried and opted instead to watch Finding Nemo. 
So Jasmine and I finished up on our own.
She was very meticulous.
We even had to count our color pieces she cut. She wanted to make sure everything was just so.  
Here are the girls' finished main products of the day.

We also reviewed the Alphabet, and sang some songs and read some stories.
It was just the perfect length of time for easing into it.

With this curriculum the first week (or two, depending on how you choose to do it) are really basic, and then slowly amp up. It seems just right for now. 

And Jasmine, ever my learner, by the afternoon was already asking to “do some more homeschool”, unfortunately for her, I was too tired by then. (It had been a big day.) So one lesson a day is good for this preggo momma.
But it’s probably for the best, she might wind up in college next week at the rate she wants to go!


  1. Yay for homeschool! It is nice when they want to learn. My oldest is three and we have been doing the ABCJESUSLOVESME free cirriculum online just to give my daughter some activities and to get her into reading her bible with us regularly. But since I have been sick we have really been slacking. Still trying to decide if we will homeschool for preschool or send her to public schools. She is a social butterfly so we will see...

    1. I was really on the fence about doing home school for a while (maybe a year or so I was mulling it over) it’s a big decision to make. I think there are so many pros any way you choose to go. As a kid I did some home school, some private schools, and some public school and each was a good experience. I let Jasmine have a big say in what she wanted to do. She was very adamant she’d prefer home school, so that played into it for sure. I was kinda surprised by that since she usually is asking to go play with someone, or have someone come over to play, or go to sunday school. But she was just excited to home school. (I tried really hard to not make one sound better than the other.)
      I hear ya about the feeling sick and teaching, I was pretty nervous to start doing this now, but I figured it might help keep my mind off it. And for us, it was pretty much now, or with a newborn around. I thought this might be easier. lol. But I can tell you, today (day 2) I am feeling much less excited to get the show on the road, as I sit on the couch covered in blankets hoping my headache goes away.

    2. Bless your heart, you are such a sweet mama! I keep telling myself I need to start up again, thinkin gmaybe it will be good for all of us. I may get some plans together to start next week. We still have until spring to decide what to do about preschool. I never went as a kid so it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Whatever happens I will be good with. Luckily we have a really great homeschool community around here if we decide to go that route.

    3. I’m with you, I’ve never felt like preschool is a must. It’s kinda just a whatever’s feeling right is good kinda thing.

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