Tuesday, January 27, 2015

18 Weeks Pregnant

Please press play:

This week I functioned.
After 17.5 weeks of being immobilized, I actually functioned.
(And your welcome for the awesome late 80’s/early 90s dress sleeve action in that video.)

Now it may be slight over kill to play that song yet -- I still got queasy and tired this week, but much much less.

In fact, I felt so pumped to feel not queasy for a number of hours, and not so tired, that I painted my eating area of the kitchen.

You heard me rant about not knowing what to do with the space, and why I choose the color, but how I didn’t love it before. So I’ll skip it this time, and just show you pics.
(Sorry they are all iphone anymore -- too tired to try.)

It’s definitely not bad, but it didn’t feel right to me.

I bought bamboo blinds to replace the came-with-the-house-curtains.
And well, that kinda just spurred it all on.
The window trim was three different colors. 
Outer trim was grey-white. Inner trim was peach.
And for some reason the upper left was left bare wood.
So before I hung up the new blinds I needed to fix that.

 if I’m gonna paint trim I’d rather paint it messy and repaint the room than tape it all off and leave a color there Im not feelin.

I think my mom thought I was nuts because it wasn’t that long ago that I painted these rooms.
But honestly it’s been a year since I painted the eating area, and if I don’t like it now I’m not gonna start liking it after a year.
(The cabinet under the window is temporary, until we add our breakfast bar.)

And I show our un-kept kitchen just so you can see the color once more. 
So yeah,
not bad.
 But just not feeling right to me.
The color seems kinda melancholy to me, and while Im all for poetic somber reflection, I just wasnt getting into this color.

But really,
 the walls were already a mess.
That time the girls helped Blake paint their bed rails,  they wound up getting pink paint on the walls.
And I had never repainted old grey-white trim, 
because I just couldnt get those walls to stop being yellow fast enough.
 (No time for trim...Must kill yellow…before yellow kills me…)
(Photo from this postgeez I used to get TONS done back in the old non-pregnant days. Holy Cow. It makes me feel even more sluggish now!)

And you can still see a bit of yellow left down there, and my drippy mess from painting in haste.
So, all that said,
I felt like the room actually was in some real need for a makeover…. again.
And despite some of the other parts of my house needing it worse -- my pregnancy brain insisted this room go to the front of the line! It’s kinda the heart of the home. It felt like the right move.

So baby finally agreed to let me work it out! Yay! Thank you baby!

To be safe: 
I don’t know if this is over kill, but if it is, at least it kills the mommy guilt I’m so prone to.
It kinda hurts my nose, and leaves marks all over my face.
But I’m happy I’m doing something again! 
So I made it this far in a day. Ran out of paint. And
then got queasy and had to lay down. (After buying more paint.)

And I was definitely moving a lot slower than my old self.
It took me 3 days to do this. (Trim and walls.)
It used to take me two to do ceiling, trim and walls.
But whatever. It got done! Thats big.

So yeah, I went white.
Originally I was gonna do my favorite white Swiss Coffee in Satin.
And that’s what I thought I was doing,
but I had a can of unmarked white paint assumed it was Swiss Coffee and started.
When I got here, I remembered the Dogwood Blossom I used in Jasmine’s room (now Jasmine and Ruby’s room.)

I kinda panicked for a minute --
Feeling unsure of what I just did, and unable to imagine starting all over again.
So after a mild crabby pout sit, I decided to just keep going.
And I’m really glad I did.

(Once again, I wish I was more awesome and would have the energy use my nicer camera -- oh well, maybe some day I’ll look like a real blogger with better than iphone photos…whatever.)

I really like this color down here. It’s a warmer white and doesn’t feel cold at all, even with snow falling and the lights off.

Plus it leaves things wide open for me to paint my cabinets with Swiss Coffee later down the road.
So happy accident.
I only got the eating area done.
So eventually I’ll get to the cooking area to make the rooms feel united again.

And then hopefully soon Blake will build me the shelves/breakfast bar thing we’ve planed up.
I’ll hang my bamboo blinds and some pretty art. We’ll get a new stainless range hood. (The one that’s there is a really ugly shape, it’s curvy on the front…)
And the kitchen will feel like “ahhh.”
I’d like an “ahh” kitchen before baby comes.
Sounds like a nice place to avoid cooking/slap together survival food in. ;)

(And in the far off future, probably when baby is bigger, Id like to paint these cabinets.)

As far as pregnancy goes, 
honestly, I’m feeling sorta like blogging less about it lately,
perhaps I’m already cocoon-ing.
So I’m gonna weigh that out inside a bit, and see what I think for future posts.

I just want to have the most enjoyable pregnancy I can come up with.
(Which isn’t as easy as I think it will be, before I am pregnant. Once pregnant it always get so much more emotionally trying than I am ready for.)
And if blogging about it messes with me, I want to stop.
I’m not sure yet if it does or not.
I think its just that it's been harder than expected this time and well, it might not be so fun writing about that.
Maybe I just do it less often?
We’ll see.

But for now I’ll give you a picture.

Spolier Alert for Week 19: I thought I might be feeling good enough to skip my unisom,
 super really regretted that move due to major nausea all over again.
And perhaps a bit of emotional distress as well.
Hence my terribly forced smile while I posed for this.
(It was this fake smile, or really depressed looking me.)

And here Ruby makes me feel awesome by talking to her reflection saying:
“Mommy’s tummy is BBIIIGGG. I’m not big. I’m tiny.”
Such a sweet little thing she is. lol.
I’ll have to teach her better female bonding verbal skills over the years to come.

Ill also tell you:
my last check up was good,
but my iron was on the lower end the ok zone so I need to up my iron intake.
Red meat, and the like, here I come. (I hope my tummy obliges me.)

On the Happy Side of pregnancy:
On Sunday I felt my first “Oh yeah, that was SO the baby" sensation. I’ve been feeling lots of stuff here and there --- but always the kinda of thing that if you wanted to you could blame on stomach digesting maybe. But sunday, I felt like baby tried to tickle my lower side with fingers. It was so cute.
And then Sunday night I was messing with my belly, feeling for my uterus height, and baby kicked me so hard I felt it with my hand! And it totally shocked me because I thought it was too soon for that. So I pulled my hand away and kinda yelled out of surprise. It was a big moment.

Side by Side:


  1. Yay for baby kicks and getting some painting done. We have been working on our fixer upper for over five years now. And I have never finished painting our living room and hallway. So, it has been killing me to get it done. Hoping that can happen this weekend if I feel well enough. And swiss coffee is my favorite "white" too!

    1. Oh my gosh, I love that Swiss Coffee is your favorite white too! Hope you can get to your hallway too. (I have a hallway haunting me as well! Amongst many other things. :) )

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