Saturday, November 8, 2014

The sea shells have gone extinct

This is our Master Bathroom on the day we bought our house.

Peach sea shells abound.

I thought I’d share two funny comments on the room from friends.

One friend insisted this was the worst wallpaper she’s ever seen.
I thought that was funny because I’ve seen some pretty scary wallpaper. I kinda thought this was tame in comparison to those. But I will agree it wasn’t the look I’m going for.

Another friend said she never understands why anyone would do a beach themed bathroom…
she went on to call it 
“Poopin at the beach.”

That will never lose it’s hilarity to me.

Well my mom tore the wallpaper most the way off, months and months ago. Leaving just a bit at the top and green under walls. I  basically just ignored the way the room looked for a long long time. Until one day I just was like “NO MORE. I can not look at this any more!”

This may have been hormonally induced as I was very freshly pregnant. I think I had early onset nesting.

Ginger-ale-ing my way through this endless wall scrubbing to get all the wallpaper glue off.
And that little strip at the top felt like it had a death grip the wall up there.

That’s the thing about wallpaper, you NEVER feel done. You get it off, but it’s not gone yet.

It took me almost a week to just get the room ready to paint.

Finally it was time to paint the ceiling and the trim.

Never fails to amaze me….new white on old ceilings.

THEN it was FINALLY time to kill off the green.

I just went semi-gloss white.
I want fresh and clean.
And I’m a believer in semi-gloss bathrooms -- so much easier on the walls with all that humidity.

So finally we have a non-gross bathroom!!

I added easy remove clear shelf liner to the lower part of the window for privacy. It’s a second story bathroom and I’m no where near tall enough to be showing anything in the upper part of the window. So I left the top clear be to able to see the pretty outside.

Ok, so yeah, it’s still very Plain-Jane in there.
But I’m not done yet.
Not sure when the ETA on the fished look is. But Someday it’s gonna be here, someday.
And for now, clean white is so much better than peach sea shells or green oldness.

Let me fill you in on my hopes and dreams for the space.

First off, white plank walls.
As well as dark rectangle floor tiles.

But I’m contemplating laying them this way.
I plan to use groutable peel and stick tiles.
My parents have used them in their bathrooms, and they are great. They look like real tile, but don’t freeze your feet, and they have enough flex that you don’t have to worry about perfectly level floors and shifting floors won’t crack them.

I also plan to hang four black hooks behind the door for towels.
Oh and random note: we plan to get rid of that strange space ship light over the shower and wire in an exhaust fan light.

I don’t know what I plan to do to the vanity (paint it? leave it wood?)
 but I do know I want to build a shelf into the random empty spot it has in the middle like this. I’d also like to raise it up on feet too.
I’m liking this faucet.
I have a mirror like this I want to use over the sink, after we take down the really large mirror in there.


And I’m thinking about using this on their side of the mirror. 
(Not wanting those Hollywood lights to stay around!!)

And I’m really excited to paint the silver shower surround Oil Rubbed Bronze like this lady did.
Because dark shower surrounds are awesome as seen below.


And I plan to add shelves similar to these on the wall right beside the shower, over the counter top.

So I think in the end it’s gonna be really cute in there.
We’ll put the hooks and shelves up before we get to the rest for functionality.

And like I said, who knows when we will get to the mirror swap and lights and plank walls.
Also not sure I can spray paint till the baby is out. (Can I just use one of those crazy intense paint masks and be safe?)

So it may be a while. 
But once I have a vision I’m pretty good at just “seeing” it that way in my head while I wait.
So to me the room already looks fantastic. ;)

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