Tuesday, November 18, 2014

8 Weeks Down

So thanks for letting me vent last week. I may have made you nervous for my sanity. But actually the vent session was very therapeutic. I’ve had a less emotional week after I wrote it all down.

To be honest, right now as I’m attempting to write this, I am flat out exhausted.
So I’m having a hard time thinking straight to write much.
But I do know I’ve had a better week this week than last.

Still definitely getting nausea. Still clearly exhausted.
But feeling more grateful.

This week the girls have been so good for me. I’m really impressed by their sweet little relationship with each other.  When I am wiped completely out, they just play with each other. Hunched over their dollhouse dolls, or running around with their baby dolls, or playing make believe games.
I mean don’t get me wrong, they still fight at times, but it’s like they can just tell when I really can't function and they just make sure to play well patiently while I take a break laying on the couch (pretty much asleep -- with my mom ears on -- who knew you could sleep and still intelligently take in every single sound). I really am impressed with and grateful for their sweetness.

I’m all sorts of emotional these days. I can cry at the drop of a hat -- like sappy-love-happy tears. I think about how much I love someone, or how grateful I am, and immediately the lump in my throat shows up and my eyes well up.

The girls went outside in their winter coats and new mittens together while the snow started falling on Sunday and I just watched them, side by side, in the flurries... and there went the water works.

I got the chance to chill out on my weight gain this week. I’ve been craving dairy like nobody’s business, and ice cream often seems to make my nausea go away for a bit. So one night after having two bowls of ice cream, I weighed myself in the morning to see I was back down two pounds.
That realization make me feel like none of this weight is very real right now. Bloat and whatnot. It gave me the chance to take a step back and relax a bit.
I mean, I’m not trying to eat badly because of this. But it’s just first trimester -- I eat what I can stomach and try not to go overboard.

I’ve sorta been hesitant to take belly photos this time. Mostly out of self-consciousness. I was all fit and healthy before and going into my days of Baby #2, and I feel less-than-that this time. But I guess it’s not all that bad -- just a few (3-5ish depending on the day) pounds above Baby #2 pre-pregnant weight for Baby #3. And that’s while not really working out and trying to redo a house and all the mom-stuff. So I guess it’s no big deal. I just didn’t feel too toned. (Despite some effort in that arena this spring-- I didn’t really stick to it.)  I wasn’t too pumped to see myself compared to my old self. But whatever. I’m working on just rolling with myself, and appreciating instead of being critical.

SO I quickly convinced myself to take photos today. The first of this pregnancy.

My mom was super sweet and invited my girls to a sleepover at her house. So I got to have a couple days off this week. I’ve spent them running to some stores, and then feeling overwhelmingly exhausted from that effort and therefore laying in bed immobile the rest of the time.

Today I felt the need for a bagel and cream cheese for lunch, so since it is frigid outside I purposely went outside in sweatpants and kinda loved every second of that. Here’s my outfit.

Part of me thinks it’s pathetic that I was excited to put together a sweatpants outfit. And part of me is kinda proud of it looking sort of like an outfit despite me feeling the way I do. (Also proud of the fact that putting this outfit on took me 3 seconds. Small wardrobe benefits!)
(Also take note -- my room may just never be clear of laundry baskets until my kids are in high school.)

This sweatshirt is my new favorite thing to wear. (Got it from after summer clearance.) It’s from Old Navy and It says “Just another day in Paradise.” 
Borrowed this more visible photo from here

Which I love because it’s works on both levels -- ironic and true. In the same breath it vents for me and simultaneously reminds me how good I have it. Also it’s not too warm, but it is warm. Just what my chilly but hot-flash-prone body needs.
(I just grabbed a cheap light weight plaid scarf from Walmart and have been throwing that on nonstop because it’s another nice warm -but not too warm - comfy, but instyle thing. )
But the best part of this shirt is it’s nice and slouchy -- no worrying over bloat-pooch.

But here’s the photo you want: The belly.

I’m not sure this looks any different than pre-pregnant. Maybe a smidge bigger. But like I said. I wasn’t currently sporting my most toned belly. (Remember that time I was on the verge of seeing my abs? Would you believe it doesn’t just stay that way if you stop working out? Huh! Weird.)

So that said -- try to refrain from “aww look at your cute bump” comments. Because it’s kinda just me. :) But you can still call me cute if you like. :)

Ok….and because it sorta makes me feel better -- and because I did it last time…here’s my previous pregnancies vs this pregnancy.


As far as house stuff this week. The only thing I’ve done is stress over the fact I want to decorate, but I can’t move, not to mention the house isn’t fully to decorate stage. But I used my general pregnancy against to hone in on figuring out this long narrow living room of mine. Long, narrow with fireplace in the middle -- that is NOT an easy room to lay out.

So during a moment of energy I pushed the couches into a new orientation (one used to be under the window and the other facing the window.) It was just an experiment. But I think I really like them this way. It’s a little cramped this way -- you have to just edge past the coffee table. But it just generally feels better.
I threw two chairs in front of the fireplace -- which I really like the concept of -- but these chairs don’t feel big enough or something,

Blake parent’s gave us a piano! (We are all really excited about that. The girls are so stinking cute with it!) And really this is the only spot it should go (pianos should be on an interior wall for tuning sake -- and that’s the only interior wall in the room.)

And the back of the room I’m at a loss for.

I think I’m gonna put our credenza on the left back wall. (The credenza is currently in our eating area as a buffet -- but it feels a little too formal for that space and I think I’ll like it more in here.) 

And I’m toying with the idea of a chaise lounge floating in the middle?

Time will tell.

We still don’t use this room much -- I’m not really sure how I want us to use it. But I do want it to be a music-y space. We want to hang guitars on the wall. And so a chaise feels music-hang-out-y …maybe.

That’s my update for you

Here’s to starting week 9. One more month till 2nd trimester. One month is nothing right? It’ll be here before I know it. (Sorta.)

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