Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Favorite Bra

While pregnant the first time I ran into the issue of not fitting into standard size bras, so I started altering them to fit me, which saved me tons of cash since 34Gs and 34Hs cost like $80 a pop. I blogged that altering process and since then the post has had well over 40,000 views. (Which blows my mind!)

That being said, I thought I might be somewhat of a bra-blogger. (Not really at all -- but I do know the perils of bra shopping.) And that being the case, I thought I’d share with you my current favorite bra. (By the way, no one is paying for for saying this. Kinda wish they were! But they aren’t!)

Since being pregnant the first time (5 years ago) causing me to go up 5 bra sizes, breastfeeding, losing the baby weight plus 15lbs, then breastfeeding while pregnant, getting very pregnant, breastfeeding some more, losing that baby weight, and then fluctuating a few pounds up and down, while working out and not having time to work out, and almost weaning my two year old who maybe nurses a couple times a week right now, I’ve seen more than my fare share of bra sizes. I haven’t been in one size bra for more than a few months for 5 years now. Bra shopping is almost on my to-do calendar. But I don’t like sorting through so many bras anymore. I just want to reach in my drawer and come up with something that fits.

Normally I like molded cup underwire bras.

But this last time I started really working out, coincided with my toddler basically self weaning, so my bra size just evaporated and I had to go shopping. But I didn’t know where I would end up. So I started looking at not molded stretch bras.

And I landed on this one.
Bali Comfort Revolution Underwire with Smart Sizes

It doesn’t look like it’s got a lot going for it on the rack. But I am really impressed by it.
It’s way more supportive than I would have ever thought possible. I even wear it during low- medium impact workouts. It does give a nice shape -- although it doesn’t give you that same full shaping as a molded cup, and it also can’t give you quite the same nipple concealing as the foam cups, but even still I’m impressed.
AND here’s the deal maker for me -- I’ve never tried on a more comfortable bra IN MY LIFE! I want to sleep in these more than my sleep bras!
So while this might not be your sexy bra -- it is a FANTASTIC at home bra!

Another bonus -- it’s super easy to nurse in, because you can just stretch and pull it down. I’m pretty sure this would work for anyone.

Other awesomeness? One size fits through tons of sizes, and/or sizes changing. (Like when you are nursing and your changes a few sizes during the day between nursing sessions. Or like when you are just generally getting back to a non-nursing size, or just losing some weight.) I don’t think I’m gonna need to buy a different size bra for a long time. (We’ll see what happens if we have another baby. But till then I think I’m set! no matter what my weight and or boobs do.)

The other great thing is, I’m technically still not a normal bra size, but I can wear this off the rack.
Just so you know what I’m saying, and you might see if t could work for you, I’ll give you my measurements.
My rib cage is 29” around, and the fullest part of my chest is 36.” Which technically makes me something like a 30E or maybe a 28F. I’ve totally give up on knowing what size I am -- for one thing I’ve not stayed one for long. And for another thing brands aren’t consistent. Also most stores would probably end up putting me in something like a 32C, maybe even a 34B. (Even if that’s not technically correct. Only REAL(often self owned and not inside the mall) bra stores (not Victoria Secret) actually know what they are doing.)

ANYWAY. It doesn’t matter with this bra.

I did think, based off my band measurements, I’d wear an extra small -- but the cup was too tight.
So the small fits in the cups perfect, with room to go up or down. And the band still fits great too -- no riding up.

I love the no thinking aspect. And the no bra snootiness of it all. (No more worrying about REAL bra stores.) I’m so done thinking about my boobs.
(But I don’t feel like this bra is a “I give up” bra. Like I said -- not your “sexy bra” -- but a fantastic every day mom bra. And I mean that in the best way. I might never buy a nursing bra again -- even if I nurse another baby forever. I’ve never experienced any issues from using underwires while nursing, I know that’s not the case for everyone, but I’m good with them.)

It comes in cute colors to make you feel a little fun too.
I found my first one in Kolhs. I bought one off the clearance rack for $7 (discontinued color) and another one for a higher sale price. After that I’ve bough a few more off amazon or ebay because you can get the cheaper there.

So if you are wanting to give it a try -I’d go in store to check it out, and if you have time for shipping you can save some money shopping online.

But just thought I’d share my great discovery!
(I get zero money from you clicking these links -- they are just there to help.)


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  2. I love your writing!!!! Telling it like it is!!!! HA I USED to have a very hard to find size, 32 DD, however, high dose prednisone took care of that!!!!! Gained a lot of weight, EVERYWHERE!!!! Now, I have breast cancer and after the partial mastectomy, I need to take out fabric in the cups! (the left breast has always been a size smaller-the right breast is now the same as the left) How do I go about taking up the size of the cups? Hmmmm?


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