Wednesday, August 13, 2014


About a week ago my mom gave me the chance to be at my house for a full day, alone. (She watched my girls at her house.)

I got a small bit of construction-type-work done but I spent most the day cleaning. Cleaning like crazy. For me, it felt like deep cleaning. But it was essentially just tidying, plus bathroom duty, plus ALL the laundry, and hanging all my clothes back up (since I had previously tried to organize my closet but couldn’t find time to finish).
I can’t tell you how awesome it was to have a clean house for once. I mean, I don’t think this house has ever been clean since we bought it. One part or two may have been at once, but never ever the whole thing.

While I was cleaning, the entire time I felt guilty for “just cleaning” not getting some more mudding or sanding or painting done. But it was exactly what we needed. It gave me a fresh start and I can’t believe how much it has cleared my mind.

I feel like I have so much more clarity on what to do with my time since clearing the surfaces off.

So with this clarity. I am working towards balance. (Read: I might be getting past survival mode in this house.)
The first thing I decided to do was limit Facebook use.
Me and Facebook have always had a love/hate relationship. In the past I’ve dealt with this by taking leave of absences. This time I figured I’d try a in between take. I’m making Monday my Facebook day. And the rest of the week I’m not gonna touch it.

I was getting a lot of tension, some anxiety, TONS of guilt, and ENORMOUS amounts of irritation from being on there as of late. I’m not gonna really get into it, but suffice to say, I think my personality type seriously cannot handle Facebook -- it breaks me.
So I decided to respect myself enough to acknowledge that. But I don’t want to lose touch with everyone, so I decided one day a week should work out nicely. And it can be a short day of Facebooking -- because even one full day of Facebook is too much Facebook for me, at least right now.

In the past when I did Facebook breaks I’d feel really disconnected and almost shaky the first day. And then I’d detox within like 3 days.
This time. The moment I chose to stop reading stuff on the newsfeed I felt this awesome peace and I knew this was gonna be good.
I don’t remember what day last week I told Facebook I’d be on there less, but whenever that was…since then my brain has been my own -- and I LOVE THAT! I’m not hearing all these doubts in my head about my moming style. I just have a day. And they’ve been good ones -- even if the kids are a wreck.
I’m not feeling tempted in the slightest to go back to Facebooking on the regular based on that alone.
But I’ve also had TONS more time. I can’t believe how much more time I have.

I’ve been studying and learning all about Colonial Architecture (cause I’m a design geek.) I feel like I have more ideas on what to do with the girls (without pinterest’s help -- I’ve not limited pinterest or anything -- I’m just saying, it’s like my brain just needed to be freed to think on it’s own.) (Although I think naturally I’ve been using pinterest less too -- just less screen action happening -- unless it’s to learn something about some cool concept in my architecture book I want to expand on -- or stuff like that.)

I’ve had time to clean.

This may be a pitiful statement on who I was while using Facebook -- but whatever -- I’m just being real. Facebook limiting sounded daunting -- but it’s been extremely fantastic.

The other thing I’ve been doing is, well…I prayed about how I should be balancing normal house work vs. reno work. And also how I can try to work out again.
I felt God lay out certain days for certain jobs -- they aren’t off any pinterest pin I’ve ever read -- they were a special gift from Him to me -- because he knows me and my circumstances.
I could tell you what they are -- but I encourage you to ask God what would work well for you!
Besides mine might not even get close to a normal level of clean for most people (they don’t even cover all the bases)-- but they will get us a lot closer than we had been.
I was just surprised at how good this list felt and how well it’s working for me -- I wish I had ignored the internet sooner and went with prayer faster!

I’m gonna try and work out again.
I wrote up my own schedule, combining three programs I like, instead of going with exactly what the programs I’ve used have told me to do. And I think I can keep up with that better too because it fits me better.
I’ve combined 21 Day Fix with Brazil Butt Lift. Using Brazil Butt Lift’s toning work outs but throwing in 21 Day Fix’s cardio and upper body. Also I’ve switched out 21 Day Fix’s Yoga work out (which is pretty low key) for Praise Move’s AM/PM workout*.
    *As a Christian I try to mostly avoid yoga -- I know everyone has their own take on it. Personally I’m ok with doing the moves as stretches in a workout if it’s not like a “Yoga centric” thing. But overall -- from anything I’ve read (both by Christians and Hindus) Yoga and Christianity don’t go together. The 21 Day Fix’s workout is mostly just the moves as stretches, but she does use the word Namaste (which means "The Deity in me bows to the Deity in you.") I’m not opposed to using the workout and ignoring that. But I seriously LOVE Praise Moves AM/PM workout. So I’m using that now instead. It’s a Christian alternative to Yoga. And hearing her say Bible verses throughout the work out is so enriching for me. I usually use the PM -- it’s very light no breaking a sweat -- but it’s a perfect end of the week muscle and mind renewing.
(If you are looking to get one of these Praise Moves workouts I have a couple of them (got 2 other ones off ebay for a low price) and the AM/PM one is by far my favorite -- the look of it’s production is by far the best.)

Anyway, as far as working out goes, I’m gonna mess around with what time of day I do them -- I’m gonna try and not do them at night because then I can still use my nights to work on the house.

But I think pretty soon I want to join the YMCA so I can swim -- it’s the only working out I actually love. (Although I do love endorphins from any workout because they make my brain and emotions better -- I think swimming is my match.)

And in random life balance news. I’ve been using two Beach Body workout programs -- they sell Shakeology -- its a healthy meal replacement drink. They have a commercial for it before, during and after each of my workouts. Eventually my brain started to cave to the pressure and wanted to get it. But the stuff is $129 for 30 meals shakes. I couldn’t possibly get over that sticker shock. So you know me, I researched! I found mostly people selling the stuff, found a couple people refuting it’s claims, and finally found this guy who seems like a real and normal person. He recommended vegan protein powders -- which is perfect because I’m keeping foods my kids are allergic to out of my house and vegan means no dairy! So I ended up buying Raw Meal in Chocolate. Which at $35 for 28 meals was a much better deal. (The servings call for 2 scoops, but if you only use one scoop you get the same calories as one serving of shakelogy.) I was nervous because a lot of reviews of this Raw Meal stuff claim that it tastes bad but is so healthy and filling. I won’t say the stuff tastes great, like a milk shake, but I don’t think it tastes bad at all. (You should know I was hard core healthy for 2 years prior to having my second baby-- with no sugar at all -- so I know how to enjoy less sweet stuff.) I’ve never tasted Shakelogy -- but I’m guess it tastes better. But I still don’t want to spend $94 more dollars to get it.
Just sharing my randomness today.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
I don’t know if they mean anything to anyone but me -- but I’m feeling reenergized by these small but big changes.

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