Thursday, November 21, 2013

We bought it!!

Today was the day!

We bought it!
Its ours!

I'm totally excited.

I actually went through a small, going-into-denial/shock phase for a couple days there where I thought it wasn't happening, or something, so I started to not be excited for a minute.

But the moment we got in there, just us, via our own key...I was giddy.

I love that house!

It needs tons of work.
And it smells bad.
But I love it.

Tomorrow we head down and start things...



We had a final walk through at 11:00am.
And then our closing was at 3:00pm.

During our walk through I was dying to know what exactly was under the carpet in the living room.
I figured it was plywood subfloor, but I HAD to know.
I asked Blake to peak under there, and before we knew it, Blake had tore up the entire living room carpet!
It was great.
Technically not supposed to happen, but well, basically awesome.
(It will make for funny "before" photos on here.)
Oh and it was just subflooring. But now I know! The mystery has died. And that is good.

Thus far we have bought cleaning stuff, ceiling pant, and work gloves, and utility knives and pry bars (for carpet/ tack strip removal).
Oh...and new toilet seats.
I have NEVER seen toilet seats like these -- seriously moldy. I took pictures, they were that scary.

But I am also excited about our new toilet seats because for the down stairs bathroom and our main upstairs bathroom we got special toilet seats with a kid sized seat that is attached and flips down and up so we don't have to worry about putting on and taking off potty seats any more! Super excited about that. 

Photos to come.

The day went really well.
I've never bought a house before. Blake had already bought a house before we got married, so this was my first closing.
I didn't know what to expect.
But the Bank lady was so nice that I wanted to keep her and have her hang out with me all the time. And everyone there was really nice. It was seriously an enjoyable event. Kinda felt like a party or something.

When we got back there were a couple things we found that I totally missed about the house before  (we always had been kind of rushed when looking around.) 

I was super excited to find that the main bathroom upstairs has a closet in it -- I had no idea! It gets hidden behind the door when it opens. So that's awesome.

AND there is a closet in the garage touching the laundry room wall that we had no idea about. I actually had never set foot in the garage. And we had been discussing adding something like that ourselves, for the purpose of bumping out the laundry room into it just enough to have some sorting space -- so it was kinda like the house read our mind and just made one for us. :) I know, not really, but it felt like it!

So yeah...

I'll stop rambling now, and get ready for bed and our big day of carpet ripping tomorrow.

(Oh yeah, we nixed the plans to paint first...I thought for Jasmine's allergies its more important to make sure the floors are done, and then I figured if some paint drips on the floor we can actually just wipe it right up, its no big deal. So carpets go first!)

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  1. Welcome to homeownership! I’m glad you didn’t have much hard time finding the perfect house for you. Sometimes it takes a while for the fact to sink in, but yeah, you own the house now! Of course, it’s a great responsibility but I’m sure you will be able to overcome those challenges.

    Jessica Wilkie


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