Monday, July 29, 2013

To Grandmother's House We Go....

So I was gone for a week, visiting my parents. Well visiting my parents and house hunting.
I really felt God's leading on checking out this particular house that will be going on the market soon. Its early to be house hunting for our move in January. And without our original house sold yet, its all sorts of crazy puzzle-piece-missing finically. But if God said go, I wanted to go. Now we are waiting to see what He does. You can be praying for us in all that, if you want to!

 I went without Blake. Just me and the girls (3 yrs old, and 1 yr old) on a (if there were no stops) 6 hour drive to my parents. It was like an 15 on the 1-to-10-scale-of-mom-bravery, for me. The drive there wasn't bad, miraculously. Just the last hour was hard. But the drive home a week later -- almost more than I could chew. I almost cried in the "World's Largest Truck Stop" because I was just so so so spent. Both girls screamed much of the way. And taking like 4 long stops didn't help much of anything. (Other than tire me out more.) When I had about 2 hours left to drive, started hearing Jillian Michaels talking to me from my 30 Day Shred DVD in my head -- "When we get to the finish line, we don't quit, that's when we finish strong." (That thing inspires on on so many levels its hilarious. I nearly cry every time she says that during my work out -- it speaks so much to me about so many things! I'm such a sap.)

But we are home now. And we lived. And now I am tougher. On Sunday, Blake was playing Bass for the worship team -- and well, pre-taking-that-trip I had really dreaded getting the girls to church on my own when he was already gone. But post-taking-that-trip, getting the girls to church on my own wasn't even on the scale of 1-to-10-of-mom-bravery -- it was like like breathing. (Granted mom-breathing can get kinda breathless at times -- but that's just all in a days work.)

Oh and I wanted to show you this cool travel bed we picked up a while back. Jasmine is too big for a pack and play now (we had kept her in one way too long when we traveled because we didn't know what else to use.) But then I saw this inflatable toddler bed in the store the other day I thought it was perfect.
And boy is it. Jasmine is such a roleypoley she really needs the sides of the bed -- she's in so many different sleep poses every night.

It packs up smaller than a pack and play.

 And usually we only have to travel with this bed because the grandparents each house a pack and play for Ruby for us. But if we need to we can pack them both easily.
(Hmm...this prospective makes the pack and play look bigger -- but its not. The beds much longer.)

Its pretty handy. (No I'm not getting paid to tell you that. I kinda wish I was -- but I'm not. ;) )

P.S. Just a reminder....that if you had wanted to contribute to my c-section recovery project the "deadline" is this week. (I say "deadline" because I'm totally not gonna reject late correspondence, and... I'm not feeling the most prompt lately, but ya know, I can try. ;) )

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