Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Update

So..I feel like I haven't said anything in a while...

Thought I'd fill ya in.

About a week ago we traveled back to Illinois to see my family. My uncle was getting married and I got to do the wedding photos.
(Did I ever tell you in a past life (pre-motherhood) I was a wedding photographer?)
It was so fun to get back behind the lens for a day. I'm such a wedding lover. I love seeing love.

And Jasmine was the flower girl. (She was so into the idea. She had been throwing flowers for weeks.)

It was such a beautiful wedding. And even more beautiful was the light in my uncle's eyes. He is LOVE STRUCK. It is so sweet.

Also, once we got back home, I realized that we had spent June 10th driving home.
I realized this on June 11th.

What does that mean?
June 10th was Jasmine's Due Date.
It had been a hard day for for me the past 3 years.
(I didn't go into labor on my own with her, and it broke my heart.)
This year, I didn't even notice the day come and go.
I was so excited to realize that!
If you've prayed at all for me and this June...THANK YOU.
I've been feeling great.
No flash backs.
And when I try to remember Junes of the past, they feel like memories, not being transplanted back into them. (I'm not sure if that makes sense, but before I would leave present day and be back in 2010 ---smelling the scents and feeling the feelings. So just remembering June 2010, like I remember any memory, feels HUGE. It is a big change for me. )

Next week is Jasmine's Birthday/ my c-section anniversary.
That's been the big day to face for me in the past.
So if you don't mind, keep me in your prayers, just in case.

Hope to share a few new thoughts coming soon.
Its just hard to balance everything.
Right now I'm editing those photos.
And trying to keep on top of normal mom-life.

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