Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday & Bike

So...right after I posted that last post, I was just about to upload photos....and my internet went out.
And our service provider couldn't get someone out for DAYS!! Until Thursday!
I was feeling soo disconected! It was crazy.
You probably didn't notice though because I'm so inconsistent at posting. :)

So, now that its back, I can finally show you those promised photos.

I found a tricycle on craigslist for $8 and Blake picked it up for me. (This is the way we roll.)

It needed some cute-a-fy-ing.
It was too boyish and too rusty. (Only on the bell and the parent-pushing-stick-thing.) (And its a good thing this baby has one of those pushing sticks...Jasmine's not really sure how to use a bike yet -- that thing makes it useable for the time being.)

So, I tried going to the store by myself and getting some spray paint for the thing. But I had a Lydia-loves-designing-too-much-wants-everything-to-be-perfect induced anxiety session over the phone with Blake and came home with a pink that I basically hated. Walmart didn't have any colors that really appealed to me and Blake was sure pink was the best bet for a girl.

But a friend of mine said try Hobby Lobby because they have more colors, so I ran Jasmine over there with me and had her pick out a color.
She's on a green kick lately. So despite her being one of the girliest, girly-girls around ("I wear a princess dress every day, rain or shine") she doesn't really like pink. Before she loved green, she was on a red role.
As someone who really pays attention to this stuff, I've been really impressed and intrigued by her design choices. They've really been quite sophisticated and classic. I think she's a natural. (And I'm not just saying that because she's my kid. I'm actually really surprised by the stuff she does in the way of layout and visual choices.)

That said, I did have to steer her choice of green -- because she was going for army greens and I just couldn't see that working. (And I figured after her green stage comes to an end, which I think it will, it would look too boyish.)

Then I had her help me pick out some ribbon (I bought some that didn't end up on the bike, but I think will end up on a ribbon dancer kind thing.) And some fancy duct tape.

*Not pictured is the white which was Krylon's Paint and Primer in one. 

Blake took the bike apart for me 
I covered the handles in painter's tape and the wheels in plastic bags,
and I primed it all in white.
Then painted most of it green, leaving a couple parts white.

Once dry we brought it inside to put back together.

I took that ribbon and sewed it on top of the raggedy Radio Flyer Fabric thing.

I didn't think paint would do too well on the handles, so I covered them in the cute dutch tape sparkly stuff.

I couldn't cover the sides, but figured that was fine.
(I'm the only one who cares anyway.)

I also put a stripe of the tape around the bike between the tire and the handle bars. (Wish I could describe a bike better.) And around the peddles just because I can. :)

I really love how it turned out!!

Jasmine's other birthday gifts were also very thrifty this year.

I found this crib/sink/highchair for $7 at Goodwill.
She LOVES it!!

The Lamb is her baby lately.
And boy does she take good care of her baby!

I got these "princess cups" at Salvation Army for $0.40 a piece.

I thought they could go with our silver tea set we have (my grandma gave to me when I  was young.)

And I found this beautiful princess necklace for like $2 at Salvation Army one time.
Granted when I bought it she was in her red stage, so it would have gone over better currently if it was green. But whatever! Its still on every day now.

We are going to have another birthday party over the 4th of July with both our family's for both our this little lady is gonna have tons of stuff!! 
Hope it all will fit in our house!! :)

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  1. Can I just say that I love that I have a mama friend who buys birthday presents for her kid at thrift stores and garage sales! I felt guilty doing that last year for Abbie but I found things we wouldn't have been able to afford full price that were easy to clean up that I knew she would love! So glad I'm not the only one! Great finds and wonderful makeover on the tricycle!


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