Friday, May 3, 2013

Where for art thou sleep?

Recently we've been having a sleep crisis.

Last week, or so, Jasmine got a cold.
And Ruby's been teething, with 4 teeth attempting to break through within 2 weeks.

Jasmine's generally a good sleeper now. But when she has a cold... game over.
She's had RSV in the past and she can get wheezy easily, so its really hard for me to make a call on when to just tell her she has to sleep alone while sick. Plus she's generally just a affection needier lady.
So about a week (or was it two?) ago she was in our bed most the week. No one liked that but her.

And Ruby has been sleeping so lightly its crazy. But I mean who can blame her, she has 4 teeth shoving their way through her gums at once! I mean, yeah, that sucks.

But this means I really don't sleep during this phase.

Jasmine got over her cold. Ruby's been getting some of those teeth through.
So we all started to sleep a bit more.

But then last night it all fell apart for no real reason.

For a while, in the evening, the girls were almost waking each other up over and over.
Then by 1am...
Everyone was awake.
Blake had all this stuff to do for work so he was up doing that.
Jasmine said she couldn't sleep, she was in our bed with just me. Ruby woke up and didn't seem like she was too excited to sleep anymore. So while I rocked Ruby in her room, Jasmine ended up out in the living room playing with toys during that.
Poor Blake was just trying to get this stuff done for his deadline and I was like "I NEED YOU TO TAKE CARE OF THIS!!" AH AAHHHHHHH!!!! I was one crabby momma!

I eventually got some sleep.
Blake got to bed at 6am, and slept till 8am and then went to work.
I feel so bad for him.
I wish I could have not gotten so crabby last night and somehow figured out a way to take care of both the girls. (But I'm not sure that's even possible.)

Its at times like that where I really question our possible-more-children-thoughts.
I already feel out numbered.

This is how I coped today.

Ruby napped.
And since Jasmine has kissed naps goodbye (SO SO SAD about that!) so she got to cut paper in my bed while I closed my eyes for a while.

Sadly, I couldn't actually sleep because after a nice chunk of silence she then wanted to know, "Like this mommy?" "Like this?"

But it was nice to just lay there. My heart rate kinda napped, even if my brain never really made it there.

But I realized soon that her diaper was leaking onto my bed.
I cannot talk her into using the potty at all.
She insists she needs to be older.

Did I mention how we ladies are all super moody, for our individual reasons? (Sickness & the resulting tiredness which refuses sleep, teething, and extreme exhaustion.)

But in happy news.

I have a few projects I've gotten done recently that I can show you once I get the gumption (which may be sleep-based) to photograph them!

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