Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mommy Legs

I've come to the conclusion that skirts and dresses are really my thing.
I wear pants a lot too.
But skirts are just something special.
They are classically feminine and simultaneously cozy.

The only problem is you may end up flashing people if you are moving around a lot in one.
And....when you have little people around, you will definitely be risking the flash!


I took my beloved leggings, of my second pregnancy, and gave them a little repurposing.

(First I needed to give them some TLC -- they were starting to get holes along the inner seams. So I gave those a quick new seam just beyond the holes.)

Then I tried on my shortest skirt and cut the leggings off about a inch shorter than that.

Bonus for me, in using these pregnancy leggings is that they are definitely not going to risk giving me a muffin top! :) Nice and roomy.
Plus...if they need to, they can work with a big belly later.

And now I can strut the mini (or any skirt) 
and keep my dignity ---
despite my little ones giving me 87 reasons within 20 mins to bend down.

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