Monday, February 18, 2013

Booster Seat Solution

I've enjoyed using a booster seat as opposed to a designated high chair, now with both girls. They take up less space in our small kitchen.
Actually we just got a "beautiful pink chair (aka booster) for Cinderella" as my older daughter, Jasmine, has been referring to it, so both girls can have their own. 

Anyway, I've always had a hard time figuring out what to do with that tray that goes with it when its not being used. It always ends up laying around in annoying places. If I stick it back onto place on the booster  I can't push the chair into the table. Not to mention the fact that it makes getting a baby into it frustrating.
So last week I got the idea that I could hang it on the back of our chair, if I just tie some ribbon through the holes {that it has to attach onto the seat.}

And just like that, my world is that much sweeter!

Works great!

Admittedly its a tiny bit tricky to stick the tray onto the chair with the ribbon in the holes, but if I just make sure the knot is out of the way it still snaps right in.

I'll take it!

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