Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Foot

While I am on the subject of laundry for babies..

Another thing I have learned is that if you keep your baby socks all together in a mesh bag when you wash them, you won't use one in the washer or dyer.
I only put two in the bag for the photo -- you would actually put all the dirty socks together in there. 
 I just thought it made a better visual aid this way.

You might, however, lose them when your two year old turns them into gloves/hand-puppets and leaves them strewn about the house. :)

But in that mesh bag, they stay safely together, via the buddy system.

*Now, I just need to remember to do the things I've learned. (I've slacked off on this procedure and have the missing socks to prove it. Although there is no real way to say how much is due to laundry, since last night the socks turned in to giraffes on hands. :) )

Also I've heard of some moms doing this same thing as their kids get older, and having one bag for each. Then the kids take their bags of socks, after they are washed and dried, and fold them  -- less sorting. Might be a good idea -- you might see me try it later, girls, get ready. :)

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