Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fancy Free

It all started on a Sunday Morning, two weeks ago.
I was feeling really happy with how smoothly it was going. 
I had basically pre-planned the morning routine, getting clothes ready, the juice cup that we need for the ride home was waiting in the fridge, two blankets were already by the door. I even had a printed list hung up on the door, so I could see what I needed to have ready to go. 
And wow! That really helped things go great!
 I'm sticking to it! But that's another post for another time.

So because of all this,
I had some time to sip my coffee and look over craigslist.

And I saw THIS:
Just a couple blocks away!!!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! 
I've been wanting a new light in our bedroom since before we moved in.
And its Free!

I tried to maintain composure while Blake finished his shower
(although it took all of my will power to do so)
and when he came out,
 I explained,
 in calm tones I had to force with every fiber of my being, 
how I'd love for him to go check that curb and see if it was still there.

If I didn't have to small kids,
I would have skidded out of our drive way so fast!! 
Probably not even telling Blake what I was doing. Poor Guy!

But he was great and went right away
It was still there!!

Oh sweet glorious day!!!

After studying it for way too long, 
and looking up tons of pictures of lights online,
trying to determine how to make this baby over,
I made a plan.

(I was savoring every sweet moment of this, its not too often a renter gets to do much decor stuff. I was indulging every bit of my home-decoring cells by lingering over this like precious coffee for my soul.)

(yes I'm kinda crazy)
I decided I would go kinda neutral, but not white.
Our room is so small, that something bold would be overwhelming in there.
I used Krylon's Satin River Rock.
(Buying it was interesting, as I went shopping right after getting Ruby's shots and the girls were totally ready to be home already. And when I shop for color, well pretty much no one wants to be around me for that. I linger worse than ever!)

When I got time to paint,
I took the candle stick shield things off

Took it outside and spray painted.
It was just barely warm enough to paint!
I was freezing!

Its kinda tricky getting all the different angles covered. 
But I got there.

So Yeah, 
It was painted and it looked nice,
but I decided it need some "crystals."

I was looking online, ebay, etsy, chandelier shops...
and I found some that wouldn't be too pricey. 

But this old brain of mine...
I can't stop till I get the best for the least amount of cash.

And it dawned on me,
Jasmine has this christmas ornament she took him from Granana's house last year that she calls her "ring," but its really just a big plastic crystal. (Diamond ring I guess?)

So I thought,
hey I'm gonna go try to find something like that.

Blake was nice enough to let me get out of the house for a bit alone,
and off to Hobby Lobby I went.

They had the Christmas stuff on sale for 50% off -- so I was super bonus shopping at this point!

And I found these:

The essence of perfection!

And with the sale I spent $6.00 for enough to cover all the arms.

I decided to use the long skinny ones, with the circle cut "crystals" up higher on the upper arms.
And to take just the bottom two crystals from the other version, for the lower arms.

Tied them on with fishing line.

And voila  

Free + $4 spray paint + $6 "crystals"= $10 of "Yay! Yay! Yay!" 

The rented room feels more like "mine."



  1. So lovely! What a find!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seriously your DIY dumpster diving abilities never cease to amaze me. I seriously think you could look at a bag of moldy bread and find another use for it without throwing it away first. Love seeing your creativity in motion!

  3. Oh Thanks Ladies. I can't help myself. :) Bridget, you got me to think about moldy bread for a ...nothing good here. (Well someone beat me to penicillin. ;) )

  4. This is beautiful! I wouldn't have seen all that potential in the before light fixture - but love what you made with it!

    I'm a new follower of your blog - found you on pinteret :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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