Monday, September 24, 2012

Weigh-in #5

Well...I was nervous about this week.
I didn't think I was going to have anything to report.
But a pound finally fell off just this morning! Phew!

It was wavering oh-so-close to coming off all week. But it was a stubborn one.

I think that was due in part to the fact I lost 3 last week, and also to the fact that I was fooled by a food!
(It was totally my fault.)
But I had wrongfully assumed that the second brand of tortilla shells we bought, had the same number of points that the first brand of shells we used had. When I took the time to calculate them (after two days of use!) I found out that they in fact did not have the four points I was assuming they had, but SEVEN! Sheesh! Seven is a ton! That could account for a meal all on its own! So after I figured that out, I think things shaped up a bit!
Lesson learned...Don't assume! It foils you up!

So I have 9 lbs left to go.
Which leaves me right on track for my goal.
Yay, single digits!

Although when I say "yay" I need to admit to wanting to have a tiny pity party for a couple minutes last night, because I realized that regardless of the fact that I was able to keep my pregnancy weight gain to 9lbs less than last time, this time.... I am only about one pound ahead of last time's post-pregnancy weight loss.
I felt kinda ripped off.
BUT I have to remind myself that last time, while I didn't "try" to lose weight for 3 months, I also didn't  "not try." Meaning I ate good-for-me foods, and besides a bit of chocolate I was given as a new mommy gift, and some seriously delicious pie that came with one meal we were given, I really didn't eat anything but real indulgences even during the first months. (I knew I was "going big or going home" on the weight loss, even then.)
In comparison, this time, I let loose and ate a TONS of ice-cream, cookies, brownies, etc. :) for almost two months.
(I needed that freedom after two years (while both postpartum and pregnant) of insane nit-picking on my diet.)
So that accounts for the slowed weight-loss for sure!

I also need to remind myself that despite the similarity in weight-loss pounds, in relation to postpartum weeks, for both experiences, my overall weight at this stage is something like 15 lbs less this time. And because of that, I really do just feel better about how I look and feel overall. (I was pretty down on myself last time, but this time I've been pretty pleased.) And that's nothing to  pooh-pooh.

So that's the update.
*I think I'm about to go out the the garage and find my pre-pregnant pants... and hope they fit, since the weather is starting to call for that...cross your fingers with me!! Not sure my back-side is ready to let that happen! lol! We'll see. 


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