Monday, September 24, 2012

Miracles are hard to comprehend.

My photo storage space is getting filled up on my blog, so I was going through and deleting stuff I never actually posted (duplicates and things). 

(Because if you must know, I have some big reveals to show you coming up. I've gotten my decorating mojo back! And I need to be able to upload more photos!)

This photo deleting is a Fun Tedious Job!

Well, it is actually fun to see these photos. (Its just figuring out which is used and not thats tedious.)

I landed on this one and was just awestruck.

Baby A, the Baby A I know now and love, was just hanging out in there that day (J's second birthday)! I still can hardly fathom that! That is an outrageous miracle!

Now that I know her, I feel like I remember this day with her little personality in the family mix. But I didn't know her yet that day.

Oh I just wish there was so way to meet my babies for even just a day before they got put in there, so I could just treasure that time in a more real and tangible way, while they were growing in secret.

Miracles are hard to comprehend.

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