Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Fair Warning...

You know....
I've been a bit....
(and/or intimidated)
during this pregnancy.

I know.
I have.
Its kinda annoying.
But its where I am.

So here's the thing.
One of my biggest, main, determinations is to give myself every possible chance to go into labor on my own this time.
(Well because, that's basically my only option other than c-section. They don't really induce scared uteri.)

From all my (tons of) reading,
I've learned that labor is really, really contingent upon emotions.
Feeling safe and unwatched is a huge component in the process.

So, since I want to try and give myself the chance to feel safe and unwatched, I'm gonna need to take a social media break.
I think I will still post blog posts. (Not totally decided.) (If I don't post them, I will at least write them up, and post later on.)
But Starting in June (I'll be 37 weeks and full term by then.)
I'm gonna avoid Facebook at all costs.

Its nothing personal.
Its just when you don't officially "know" your body will start to labor (I was induced last time), hearing people ask "Have you had the baby yet?" "Anything yet?"is just too much to process.
So I'm just going to take a break.

I thought I would tell you today, on May 1st, 
so you could have an entire month to prepare yourself.
(If you wanna send any Facebook well wishes, prayers, happy thoughts, etc.
 before my leave of absence,
 I'd love it!) 

In regards to my leave...if you actually are interested.
I promise that I will come back to Facebook ASAP after the baby is born to let you know she's here. And show you her photos. (If I don't feel up to it, I'll have Blake let you know. Don't worry. You will definitely be informed.)

If you actually are in touch with me outside of Facebook's platform, please please please (I beg you PLEASE) don't ask me anything sounding remotely like "Did you have the baby yet?" --- ever. Please don't ask me if I'm dilated, or having Braxton Hicks, or anything vaguely related to labor. If I have news and I want to share it, I will. I Promise.

If you are really keeping track. My due date is a bit a of vague idea. (I know, they all are.)
But I don't want you counting on your fingers in June and saying "Hey, wait a minute here..."
As far as my photos and blog goes, I've been counting my weeks according to my own knowledge of when I ovulated. (I charted my cycle, so I knew when it happened.) (If you are interested in the subject matter this book is an awesome resource.)
So I, personally, have my due date as June 26th.
Going off the doctor's little spinning wheel that uses your last period, they gave me a due date of June 29th.
Going off our sonogram, they gave me a due date of July 4th.

So none of those are that far off from each other, its not a big deal. But with having all that in play I may get to go past my "due date" further than you might have in your mind. So don't start panicking if its further into July and I haven't been heard from yet.

(Hopefully this little girl has been taking to heart all my pep-talks about coming out at 38 weeks, but if not, be ready to wait patiently with me.)

*Also, an side, I mentioned to some friends, before I got pregnant, how I intended on lying about my last period's date to give me a bit more leeway on my due date, as some doctors are prone to schedule your repeat c-section on your due date. And I wasn't about to let that happen.
I had it all planned out. 
Because last time with J, I got them to move my due date to the correct day (giving me more time to be pregnant) but it was a little hard to convince them. In the process I was told, "Well we usually don't change the due date unless the sonogram shows the baby is more than a week off the dates."
I thought I would use this to my advantage this time around, and give myself an extra week.
Well, I didn't end up doing that.
I started spotting so early on, (right after I showed up positive on a pregnancy test) that I wouldn't have been able to say I knew I was pregnant with my fake due date, and I wanted to be checked on. So I had to tell the truth! 
But thankfully, for the first time in my entire life I ovulated early instead of really, really late. So I ended up with 3 God-given extra days in the mix. And if we are able to go off the sonogram saying July 4th, even longer. So I'm just gonna put it in His hands and leave it there. I think He's got it planned out.

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