Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have Pillow Will Travel (Breastfeeding on the Go)

Breast feeding can have its share of difficulties, one of which can be nursing on the go.

 I just couldn't nurse without a nursing pillow, but there was no way I could keep one of those bulky things on hand at all times.
So I came up with this travel nursing pillow.
It got me through a whole lot.

2011-04-26 18-13-15
(P.S.  Clearly this is "Gerby" the doll again.  She's really getting her 15 mins lately! :)

When J was first born, I had a lot of stuff to work through with breast feeding --- C-section tenderness, latch issues on one side, a pretty big delay (8 days) for my milk to come in, and breast-milk jaundice.  It was a pretty emotional time. But I just adored breast feeding my daughter and I couldn't stand the thought of giving it up.  So I rode the wave.

Between the two of us, the pillow was a must.  I needed to support my breast to keep it from falling out of her mouth.  AND it seemed that the hungrier J was, the harder she would pull her head backwards away from me.  I found it cute and funny, but it was a literal work out --- I could feel the burn as I would hold her head to me.  SO both hands were pretty darn occupied, leaving me with no ability to actually hold J's body.  I needed the pillow there to support her.

This was no big deal at home, but it got to be pretty interesting when I would try and venture forth into the world.  There were a few times when I could be found (sweating) laying on the floor of a fitting room attempting to make it all work out.  It got to be so exhausting that I just brought my nursing pillow along.  But really, I mean, that's just so much to carry.  And it takes up so much room.  Like when I would try and nurse in the back seat of the car only to have to shove my recovering figure into the tightness of a pillow, next to a car-seat, behind the front seat, next to the door, and just try and make sure I didn't smash J into the wall!

There had to be a better way!

I thought it through,
 and realized I could use
one of those decorative tube shaped pillows,
because it was just the right size to lay J across.  

2011-04-26 18-13-33

(The particular pillow I bought is nice because the cover can come off and be easily washed --- big bonus for nursing pillows, they get messy. ) 

And I got to thinking that since this is a travel pillow it should be easy to carry.  So I found some cute matching ribbon to make a handle for it.  

2011-04-26 18-20-14

I just rolled it under and sewed it to each side.  
2011-04-26 18-18-40

And Ta-Da! --- A nursing pillow you can sling on and go.  
And it fits nicely in the stroller's basket --- so it can be there anytime baby is hungry.  

2011-04-26 18-17-10

So there you have it.  Have your cake and eat it too.  (Or something like that.)


  1. Awesome! I was having this dilemma in my head the other day. I feel like I can't go out in public nursing Abbie cause I just don't have enough hands. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice! I may have to try this one.


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