Thursday, June 7, 2018

Netflix's "Abstract: The Art of Design"

Last night I decided to try watching Netflix's Original "Abstract The Art Of Design." 
And being me, I skipped ahead to episode 8 which had the interior designer.

Have you watched it?

When thinking of anything to tell you about it--
I'm rendered either speechless, or just rambling incesently about how inspiring it is.
Ilse Crawford is....
I'm sitting here silently pondering what to say here...
Do I go over dramatic and say she's my new hero? 
Do I try to sincerely convey how inspiring she is?
 I'm honestly just  dumbstruck.
She spoke both words in my heart, and words my heart needed to hear.

If you have any inclination towards interior design, or if you enjoy hospitality, or if you feel strongly about your home or workplace being a haven....
Turn this on sometime.
You're in for a inspirational treat.

Blake watched it with me and was also very impressed.
He's not particularly into interiors, but he teaches design to his engineering students. So it was applicable in that regard.
Early in the show she says that "Empathy is key in design." I remarked how cool I think that is and Blake told me that's what they teach their students. 

The way she speaks of humanity is just so deep. Which is wonderful in this context  -- because often design is looked at as shallow. But it is anything but.

(I'm looking forward to to the whole series. But this one I'm definitely watching  again!
And I'm definitely looking into her books.)

Let me know if you've seen it...or when you do.
I'm dying to gush with someone over it.


  1. That sounds great! I'll have to check it out!

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