Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Expanded Garden

Unrelated: Who watched the Royal Wedding?
Me and the girls woke up early to see it this morning.
1) I really enjoyed that special girl bonding time, it was really sweet.
2) That wedding knocked my socks off. Wow, so much absolute romance and amazingness. I'm a little love dunk right now.

Anyway. Here's our garden this year. 
After learning a few things last year I put my tomatoes in their own pots this year. I hadn't realized how big the got so they didn't allow for anything to grow next to them last year.
I went with one cherry tomato plant and one Roma tomato plant.

I found these obelisks at Farm and Fleet...I'm really happy to have found something size appropriate and lovely.

Next is my herb garden. Right now I have rosemary and basil from started plants. And I'm crossing my fingers for the seeds of l: Dill, purple basil, cilantro and flat parsley to sprout up some more.

Along the left of my trellis are pickling cucumbers. Along the right green beans (which I planted from seeds we harvested last year...feeling like a pro!) And carrots in front of that.

This year I'm giving the zucchini its own space and won't be killing it by stuffing it's leaves up into a trellis with novice inexperience.

I'm trying strawberries in baskets... so far some are hanging on...nigh have to buy more...

Over to the side I have some peppermint (I hear it's best contained so it doesn't take over.) And I need something to go in the empty pot.

We have more yard work planned but the garden is making me so happy! Plants are starting to be a big source of joy for me.


  1. I had forgotten about the large planters you have--- that is exactly what we're looking for to use in our backyard this year! I need to go through your old posts to read up on them. :-)

    Mint does take over whatever space it's in, and comes back stronger every year. It's kind of amazing!

    I love those tomato towers you found!

    1. The planters are galvanized metal stock tanks. We found them at Farm and Fleet. Drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. And pained them with oil based paint-- a quart of Rustoleum in flat black. (No primer nessissary.)
      So far they, and the paint, have held up excellently-- Outdoors through all the seasons.
      When planning it out we decided they'd be the most long lasting, for the best price, when compared with other ideas we had.
      I've really enjoyed them, both functionally and estheticly.

    2. You have accomplished a lot of beautiful work Lydia. Soon you will be reaping the benefits. You are so talented both inside your home and outside. Thanks for sharing!

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