Monday, June 19, 2017

Quick Tip For Easy Bathroom Upkeep

Remember how I was telling you about me always trying to keep my downstairs bathroom sink wiped down now, since starting my cleaning routine?
Incase you don't, I'm just trying to keep up with all the random grime that the kids get on the sink and faucet all the time. I figured out that its easier (and overall nicer) when I just quickly wipe the sink nearly every time I'm in there.

With that going on, I was inspired to add a hook to the back of the door just for keeping my wipe down cloth handy and giving it a place to dry out. (This hook is from Lowes.)
Soon after I was inspired to make these so they would stay hanging up easily on the hook.
I grabbed a cheap pack of washcloths at Walmart. I liked the set with some white and grey stripes cloths, and some solid grey cloths. Thought they would look nice in the space. And then I sewed on a loop of ribbon for them to hang on. I happened to have this thick grey one on hand and think it looks great.
I just cut enough for a loop, tucked each end under and sewed to a corner of the washcloths. I used a cute stitch on my
machine, but any stich would do.

And now I have an easy, pretty cute, very functional, way to keep up with the messy sink.
Once they are too dirty I toss in the laundry and grab a new one from the drawer. And I'm ready to keep on keeping on.
What do you think? Pretty simple and convenient, yeah?

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