Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tiny Mud "Room" Done

Hey everyone! I'm still around. Still ok.
We've been very busy with 3 back to back birthdays for the kiddos. (I CANNOT believe I have a 6, 4 and 1 year old now!!! Time is the weirdest thing to me these days.)

I've also suddenly gotten back on the project train.
It started with getting Bronson's room in order (it was a heap over lost things) and that "made" me "need" to makeover the baby crib.
And then suddenly I was tweaking EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE!
I'll have to show you what I've been up to, as I get time.

While I've been doing that I've been sticking to my workout and eating goals and it's going great. Just a couple more pregnancy pounds left to work off. (I'm thrilled with how fast it's been willing to come off. I'm guessing that'd because it stayed on so long? Well that plus my hard work.) I'm thinking I'll try to do a review of that MuTu workout program, because I was VERY impressed with it. It helped me completely close my diastasis recti! And it really toned a lot of me in the process-- all while never feeling hard. (Effortful yes, hard no.) That lady is very wise in the ways of the body.

Anyway, today I'm showing you our mini mud room.
We finished!!

By we, I mostly mean Blake. My only contribution was a tiny bit of paint at the end.
Blake made our bench! And he did a fantastic job!

He went to the C-U Woodshop in town and picked out a beautiful piece of walnut. Well actually, two pieces he expertly joined together. 

Truth of the story be told, initially I doubted (and panicked about) the live edge of the piece. I had a modern clean line imagined up. But after he sanded it down, I saw it's goodness.
It's subtle and does actually elevate the look to custom.
 That grain is so pretty! And that's just the natural wood color-- no stain at all. Just water based satin poly for protection.
Overall this project is a major success and awesome addition to the house. I'm super happy with it!

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