Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sunroom progress

It’s been a busy week for us. Lots of visiting lots of people. And we aren’t done yet.
But I’ve made some time here and there to “break ground” on the sunroom and do the “unthinkable” -- and prime the wood. It was SO hard to do the first move because you cannot go back.

For some reason this sunroom has been really messing with my emotions.
Ok, actually the sunroom is not doing it. My emotions are already a mess. The sunroom is giving it a tangible essence.
It’s been hard to admit I’m making progress in the room. Even as I’m getting things done I keep telling myself I’m not. I keep hearing “You are getting nowhere. This room will never be done.” I know it’s just  me processing other stuff.

We moved all the stuff to one side and rolled up the vinyl sheet. I taped off the brick and started priming.

I was happy to see that the shellac went on better than I had feared. I was worried I’d need to do coat after coat after coat. But I really just needed two. 
There was one spot that had a lot of water damage that I had to do numerous coats on where orange bleed through strongly. It made me glad I had used shellac -- because I could see I needed it.
I could have tinted the shellac a color. Which would have made painting it easier. 
BUT I choose to leave it white. That way I could see what the space looked like white. 
White was an easy concept to toy with. And I wanted to make sure I really didn’t want it to be white in the long run.
I like it. But it’s not really the vibe I want. I wanted cozy and outdoorsy. The white is too stark for me -- it’s pretty and bright, but too stark.
Especially looking from the living room into the sunroom.
It feels wrong somehow.

Half wood, half white from the reading room.

Right now I’m leaning towards this sort of color.
(Need to investigate more options to be sure -- i pulled this out of my old paint chip bag. But I’m liking it.)
I’m also liking seeing the rough wood grain through the paint. It looks way cooler than I had anticipated.

With all our visits, I’m not sure when I’ll get to the other half of the room.
But little by little I’ll get there.


  1. Wow, it's looking great! I loooove that sage green color... Since we can't paint here I am trying to bring color in with decor, and that is the main color in the baby's room. It's so satisfyingly earthy without being too heavy :-)

  2. You already have so much done, it is really coming along fast. The sage green color is probably my favorite, I will be incorporating it in our new renovation very shortly. My husband and I recently got married and finally moved into our own place. I can't wait to get started and make it as beautiful as your place. Thank you!


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