Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter in the living room

 I'm feeling slow to blog lately.
It's just that everything feels uphill right now, so I just don't even want to stop any momentum on any subject to sit down and blog. 

I'm just now am finally getting to the point where I am able to start making "life recoveries" --- recovering the mess that pregnancy left me with.
Being that sick took away most of my normal skill set, it added tons to my normal inabilities, changed a lot of our habits as a family, and really confused my thoughts on a lot of things. It's not a fast fix when everything gets messed up. It took me about 5 months to even feel remotely like I could think about fixing things. And with the holidays right then, I just stayed on the bench till those were done.

So right now I've been kind of wanting to shut out the world and just focus and buckle down. I feel frazzled and very sensitive.
The good thing is, things are coming together. I'm proud of the progress we are each making. It's just that spurt where the exertion is so hard you can't talk.

But for now I'll show you my living room and a couple winter decorations.

Since Blake made his lapsteel guitar, we've had no place to put it. You can't hang that kind of thing on the wall. And we've been kinda piling up a few other things in the back corner of the living room making it messy. I started thinking we'd need to build a piece to house the stuff. The room and fireplace are so narrow most furniture look silly there.
But the mess was too annoying to wait for building time. 
My mom was in town the other day and I went to every single thrift store to see what I could find. Every thing was coming up short. I went back to look again at a "meh maybe it be ok for a bit" piece I had  seen. I prayed first. And then instead of the other piece, this shelf that I had totally ignored jumped out at me.
It was 50% off so it cost me $4. I figured if it didn't  work, oh well, at that price. At the store I was not confident in the design concept at all. I felt silly buying it. 
But once I got it all said and done it's shockingly awesome.
(Moral of the story: don't be afraid to try and fail. And don't be afraid to pray about the little things.)

Something else new over here are my "winter lights." I read this article about winter in Norway and it made me want to keep the winter coziness of Christmas around the rest of winter. (

So I brainstormed (Pinterest searched) for ideas. And here's what I have right now.

 They help keep the cozy comfortable glow around when the sun goes down too early still. I LOVE IT. If I had more strings of lights I'd do more, but they seem like they are all going out at once on me.

I want to try to find time to make some valtines decorations soon to. 

I really like that our house is to the point where decorations are an option. 


  1. I'm really glad to read that things are getting better for you! I totally understand everything being so different after having been sick your whole pregnancy- I'm at the point in pregnancy right now that I can't lay down without vomitting (which means I'm also not sleeping), so this gives me hope that I will feel like an actual human again (even if it does take some time).

    1. Oh Sadie that just breaks my heart. I'm so sorry. That sounds terrible. I didn't experience that. (Throwing up was rare for me, I just always felt close to it.) I can't imagine, I'll be praying for you.
      There is hope ahead. As hard as it is to know while waiting.
      And I can tell you this: while sick-pregnant I was terrified that I'd hate my baby because of all the pain. But oh how far from the truth that turned out to be. Even though I deeply love each of my kids with all my heart, the love I feel for this little one, who was so much work getting here, is something I can't explain-- a deep wordless balm coats my heart every single time I pick him up. It's a very special bond. A very precious, precious love.

  2. I love love love your winter lights! So pretty and cozy! And that shelf really does work with everything you have on and around it. You've got a little industrial-chic sort of vibe going down in that corner. I like it!

    Side note: I'm gonna be going through your archives soon... I'm pregnant! And so overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to start learning and researching and deciding things. :-P

    1. Wow! Congratulations that's wonderful!
      Don't get to overwhelmed with doing things. It mainly boils down to: 1) finding a care provider you trust (don't go on blind faith, ask questions and get real answers.) 2) be as healthy as you can but don't stress of you can't. (I was a health nazi with my second and couldn't do a far healthy thing at all with my third and the results were quite the same --good delivery, same size babies. So just do your best, so you feel good about what you did. Ignore guilt.) 3) help your baby be in a good birth position. Easiest way is spending time on your hands and knees a lot, more and more as you get to the end.
      The rest is all whatever.
      You can always ask me questions if you'd like!

    2. Thanks! :-) All my energy is currently being consumed trying to fix #1. My insurance is doing a great job hindering me. They cover basically no one. So I have a couple meet and greet appointments set up but I don't know if I'll be able to find someone I really like till my husband gets a job with better insurance (which we are praying happens really soon!)

    3. Well the good news is, you can always change your provider (all the way up until you are in labor!) It’s all going to work out.


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