Thursday, December 3, 2015


 So as I mentioned, my laptop freaked out the other day. (Hence no long posts lately as I'm currently  typing on a phone.)
I had to bring it into the Apple Store, which is a haul for us. So we went to the one by my parents for grandma support. Apple was awesome about it. And now I need to go back and get my computer (they fixed it faster than quoted, which is fantastic.... except that I went home instead of waiting at my parents because I thought it'd be longer.)

While I was up there my mom asked if I'd like to go thrifting. I hadn't even considered it,  I'm glad she mentioned it! They have an amazing thift store by them. I got some great treasures.

My first goal was to look for some pants, as it seems I won't be back in my old ones any time soon and I only have one pair right now. I found a pair I really like (high waisted skinny jeans from h&m) that fit but are uncomfortable -- hoping it will motivate me to take baby steps towards losing some of this weight. (I have to get over the fear of feeling hungry --  pregnancy taught me hunger equals pain-nausea. Its harder than I thought to leave that behind me.) Anyway  I also found a jean skirt in that same 'fits but tight' camp. And a loose jean vest. 
The vest stops at the small of my waist for the flattering fit. And the fact that it's loose makes me seem smaller than I am. I gravitate towards these jean vests, but so far haven't worn them much (I want to blame the size of my other one (too small) on why I don't wear it.) So I'm hoping I wear this one, but it was $2 if I don't. A cheap lesson.
The skirt starts at the small of my waist To flatter. And it's thick enough that it skims over the pooch. I'm just unsure how much I'll use it in the winter but I thought: leggings? I'm hoping it won't fit this spring, but who knows. It was $2, so it was worth a shot for however it works out.
And high waisted jeans are where it's at postpartum-- holds in what you can't on your on! Low rise = depression. Lol at least for me. So convenient it's trending again. And awesome I found these for $4.

I found this shirt for Blake. $3, I think?

I tried not to buy this for minimalism sake. But I kept waking back and staring at it.
That patina!!! I tried, but I couldn't leave it behind. I knew it's look beautiful in any spot I could come up with. $6.

But my favorite, favorite find were these plates! I plan to hang them on my wall.

When I got one of my Chinese chairs painted and brought in to look at it. I got really nervous about the over all look. The chairs seem harsh. And I felt like it was giving off the wrong vibe. But once I switched up my walls it got better. Making the walls look traditional and more formal brings the look to where i want it.
(Plastic on table for kid crafts. Mirror will get hung higher to make the room feel taller and so you aren't staring yourself in the face while you eat. And I also want to antique the mirror finish so it looks old, and hard to see reflections in.  I'm not sure how I'll finish off the side table and mirrors frame-- paint? Color? Refinish?)

But I'm going to hang the plates around  the mirror similar to this:

Mirror in the center of something like this.

I got all the plates for $7! (Sadly it's gonna cost me way more for the hangers to hang them.)
I love these plates. It makes me wish I had enough to set my table with!
But I'm excited to them on my walls. Look at that cool crackle aging under the glaze!!

Do you like thifting as much as I do? I'm pretty sure it's the 6th love language, and that's how to speak to me. ;)


  1. That green on those plates makes me want to find a paint a shade darker for the side table. I looove that color


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