Tuesday, January 6, 2015

15 Weeks Pregnant (For the 3rd Time)

I had this whole long thing typed up. But then it didn’t feel right for sharing. So I deleted it. And wrote a much shorter review of my week.

Basically this week can be summed up by saying I’m tired (and nauseous), and tired of being tired (and nauseous).

That in and of itself makes it hard for me not to want to just be sad.
But then also this week I stumbled upon sadness left inside me still from the first time I gave birth and how that went. That’s kinda disheartening too, since I thought I was pretty much over it.

So this week has felt down.

When I think back on this week, not much else comes to mind. I feel sort of like I’ve been asleep this week.

Downton Abby’s season premier happened on Sunday! That I remember. :)

New Years Eve happened.
All that meant for us was staying up till midnight while laying on the couch. During the wait for midnight to arrive I started getting more and more queasy, and anxious to get to bed.
The next day I felt pretty gross, I think due to staying up till midnight the night before.
I found that pretty strange, since honestly I don’t often get to bed before 11:00pm, but that extra hour really got me.

This week I tried swimming again, and while I felt like I’m getting better at it while in the pool it still kicks my butt later in the day and makes it so I can’t function. Sigh.
   But I did try my AM-PM Praise Moves (Faux Yoga) and that actually gave me a decent “wow my muscles are sore” the next day without making me feel like I worked out at all, during it, or later in the afternoon. So I think I’ll try to do that some more.

Saturday my mom came over to spend the day with us, because Blake went out of town for a family get together. (I have since called off any car trips after last week.) That was a nice day for all of us. Blake had a nice day with his family. I had a nice day of shopping and the library (I have a whole new stack of birth books to read. :) ) And the girls had a blast playing with grandma.

    I had some Kolhs cash to spend before it expired so I hit the clearance racks, and shopped with a friend via text messages, and she helped me pick a couple good ones. Here’s the pics I sent her, and the shirts we settled on. (Isn’t technology great? We live hours away from each other these days, but we can still shop together. :) )

Sunday on the way to church, as Blake was driving, I was getting more and more queasy, which is not normal for my mornings. So I have decided that I now get motion sickness. (Great.) A friend of mine told me she had that really bad during her pregnancy, so she had to drive to avoid it. So...I had to drive on the way home. That did help.
It was a frustrating discovery though. Seriously -- motion sickness is so not like me. I think the point of the pregnancy may just for me to learn to be me without feeling like me at all. Or something. I don’t know.

In other, more happy news…
This week I thought I was feeling some decent baby moves. But it was always kinda mixed in with maybe some belly gurgles or just uncertainty.
But by Monday night I was SURE I was feeling that little baby. And this little baby seems to like to move.
I’m very excited to get to know this little one more and more as he or she grows, and those movements get more observable. I get so excited thinking about the stage when the girls will be able to feel my belly move around --- they are gonna get the biggest kick out of that. They already talk to the baby all the time. And I think it already makes the baby happy and wiggle. :)

Ok this is crazy, how much bigger I am this time than last time.

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