Friday, July 11, 2014

Postpartum Style!

So I confessed my obsession with pinning maternity looks to you a little bit ago.

While pinning to that board, I started realizing I was tempted to pin more and more things to that board that were intended to work on an after-baby body. (After-baby-body happens to the best of us --- no matter how many pins you see showing you how “fast” they got their body back. I say “fast” because no matter what, it seems like forever.)

I also started to realize I have a good number of friends who’ve recently had babies, and a couple more having babies in the upcoming months. And I’ve had a few vent they don’t know what to wear.

It’s never easy figuring out what to where in this stage of life. You are tired. You feel weird. You feel you look weird. You don’t have a lot of time to get dressed in general. But you know if this was jr high you wouldn’t be coming out of your room for an entire weekend as you work out things that you might wear throw everything you own on the floor in a rage after pulling it on and off. But you just don’t have that luxury anymore, you need to spend your time on loving someone else.

So I started a Pinterest board for Postpartum looks. Just stuff to get the mind goin in the "what to wear now” direction. I can’t promise you perfection. I can’t promise it will all be stuff you like. Or be stuff you own. Or that you’ll be able to buy any of the items on there exactly. BUT I can promise you I will pin stuff there. :) And I can promise that it will get your thoughts flowing towards stuff that might just work.

If you are expecting now, I’d highly suggest you try to find a few things you think would camouflage a 5-6month sized baby-belly as best as you can, for your postpartum belly. It’d be great to do it now, before the baby is here, making shopping difficult. Make sure the chest area in your new clothes is able to accommodate boobs you never knew you could fit on your body -- when your milk first comes in it’s outrageous -- they go down, but stay pretty big for a good while if you are nursing!

Feel free to follow my new board or just visit it from time to time if you need some inspiration on this subject.

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